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Our Coffee and Walking Group.


 Our leader is:  Alan N, 0417 528 682.  

Our Walking Group.   Tuesday Walk on Map old 2015 Video.

Mapped old video made 2nd July 2013.

We all meet at Burke (Bourke) Street park just before 9:30 AM each Tuesday (Rain, Hail, Snow, or Shine). 

To start walking at 9:30 AM sharp.


This group meets for their weekly Tuesday walk along the Linear Trail, commencing at 9:30am from the Burke St car park, followed by coffee at Choo Choo’s Café at the Railway Station. We walk every Tuesday and don’t worry about the weather. (see pic to the left) 

All are welcome and this group has 3 aims, walking to keep fit, talking to get to know each other and find out what is happening, and finally drinking coffee and maybe cake. If you don’t want to walk come to coffee from about 10am.

For details contact: Alan N  0417 528 682





Normally, we walk for about an hour along the walking path. People walk at their own pace. Remember that many people walk extremely casually, making use of the seats on the way and many things are discussed during these casual walks. 

We have an IMPORTANT rule that no-one may walk by themselves, there must be at least 2 in a group, obviously this is for safety. 

There are many seats along the way, to sit and have a rest. 

If you have a Facebook account if you click here you should see a photo of us at Choo choo's Cafe.

After about an hour we all meet back at Choo Choo's cafe (On the Warragul Railway station) for drink of our choice and a small snack baked at Choo Choo's and a natter. I can recommend Debbs Walnut and Apple Muffins.




November 11 2023 10 AM, Melbourne Cup day we had a wonderful walk on a great day perfect weather. Choo Choo's shut so we all went to the POD

January 4 2023 10 AM, We are going to go to Drouin and walk to the trees of the world park and have coffee at Middel's.

We will meet at the Civic Park car park across the road from Woolworth's at 10am then do our walk and probably get to Middel's at about 10:40 for refreshments.

Drouin - Trees of Many Nations Walk 

created by Friends of Drouin's Trees fairly level walk with one short uphill section. This walk highlights some of the old planted trees of Drouin including oaks, planes and elms in avenues, as well as superb remnant trees in bushland settings. The lower bush areas can be wet in winter, so appropriate footwear needs to be worn. Kookaburras, rosellas, wattle birds and wetlands birds can usually be seen.

Start at Porter Memorial Park. It has twelve deciduous trees, mostly English Elms and Oaks planted early in the 1900s. The large flowering gum, approximately 60 years old, was used by the Buln Buln Shire for seed stock.

Walk south east along Porter Pl on the path outside the Oak Street Kinder. These four beautiful old oaks were planted as shade early in the 1900s, when this area was the site of the district sale yards. These trees have girths of ~3 m and are 18-20 m high.

At the last oak, walk through JC Wells Park to Oak St. You will see a Silky Oak planted in the 1950s. Nectar feeding birds love the flowers.

Cross over Main South Rd and walk down the roadway past the Old Drouin Butter Factory.

Alex Goudie Flora and Fauna Reserve and the Trees of Nations is ahead. This park was named in honour of Alexander Goudie who was three times Buln Buln Shire President and had a strong commitment to the improvement of Drouin’s environment. It is set around existing natural springs which form the lake and become the headwaters of Gum Scrub Creek crossing under the railway line east of the park.

Stay north of the pond and walk through grassy parkland to the east end of the park. The parkland flows into ‘Snake gully’. This area has about 150 large native eucalypts; Mountain Greys, Messmates, Strzeleckii and Peppermints. The grove of large gums at the end of the gully was once home to koalas in the early 1900s.

Walk uphill along Oddy Street to Lardner Rd.

Turn right and head down Lardner Rd to no. 43.

Cross to the south side. Outside the factory are two Flax-leaf and one Prickly-leaf Paperbark. The largest Flax-leaf, a superb example opposite no. 37, has a trunk girth of 1.5 m and is estimated to be 70 years old. It is covered in white flowers in summer. Stop and look up into the canopy. Ironically the Flax-leaf has a rough bark and the Prickly-leaf has smooth bark. The Lardner Road Drouin Butter Factory was built in 1939. At the height of its era it became the largest single supplier of milk to the Melbourne markets.

Keep walking down Lardner Rd. The avenue of twenty plane trees with grey mottled trunks, planted in the 1930s has been ‘pollarded’.

At the driveway of 1 Lardner Rd are two Norfolk Island pines planted by John Sutcliffe in 1889 for his house ‘The Orient’. Mr Sutcliffe was a prominent early pioneer, councillor and businessman.

Cross Main South Rd. Turn back to look back at the Sutcliffe Giant, which has died but been preserved as habitat.

Walk past the store, towards your start point under the avenue of heritage English elms.


Drouin - Trees of Many Nations Walk 

Points of Interest

1. Porter Memorial Park

Twelve elms and oaks, planted in the early 1900s.

2. Leo's ficifolia tree

Flowering gum used as seed stock by Buln Buln Shire during the 1960s and 70s.

3. Heritage oaks

Four English oaks, planted as shade trees at the site of what was then the Drouin sale yards in the early 1900s.

4. Old Drouin Butter Factory

Old Drouin Butter Factory built in 1904. When the factory relocated to Lardner Rd in 1936, the building was used as a grain store, then a bulk spreading store, then a theatre restaurant.

5. Alex Goudie Flora and Fauna Reserve

Flora and fauna park named in honour of Alex Goudie, who was three times Buln Buln Shire president. The park is set around natural springs, which form the lake and is the headwaters of Gum Scrub Ck.

6. The Trees of Nations

In July 1988, Australia’s Bicentenary, trees were planted to acknowledge the nationalities of people living in the Buln Buln Shire, including; cypresses, horse chestnut, golden rain tree, palms etc.

7. Wetland birds

Look for many species of wetland birds, including these chestnut teals.

8. Snake Gully

Snake Gully was named in the early 1900s by locals for the snakes which escaped and slithered into the gully from the timbers brought in for the factory boiler. It has ~150 large, native eucalypts.

9. Group of large mountain grey gums

This grove of mountain grey gums was once home to koalas in Drouin's early years.

10. Flax leaf paperbark

Large flax leaf paperbark with a trunk girth of 1.5 metres. Estimated to be 70 years old. Note the rough bark.

11. Pollarded plane trees

Twenty plane trees, planted in the 1930s which have been pollarded, line both sides of the road. Pollarding involves pruning the upper branches, promoting a dense balled head of foliage.

12. The Sutcliffe Giant

A mountain grey gum, known as the Sutcliffe Giant, for John Sutcliffe, one of the original settlers of the district. This tree was living until very recently and is now preserved as a habitat tree.

13. Avenue of large English elms

Twenty one heritage listed large English elms, planted in a row during the early 1900s.



Special Walk 8th November 2022.

We meet 9:30 AM in the Golf Club car park and explore Brooker Park after we have a walk we will return to the Golf Club for morning tea.


WALKING and COFFEE GROUP This group meets for their weekly Tuesday walk along the Linear Trail, commencing at 9:30am from the Burke St car park, followed by coffee at Choo Choo’s Café at the Railway Station. We walk every Tuesday and don’t worry about the weather. (see pic to the left) All are welcome and this group has 3 aims, walking to keep fit, talking to get to know each other and find out what is happening, and finally drinking coffee and maybe cake. If you don’t want to walk come to coffee from about 10am. For details contact: Alan Norris 0417 528 682

14 June 2022 On a Sunny Frosty morning at Choo Choo's 17 happy people.


December 21 2021, At Choo Choo's after probably the last official walk for the year.

May 25 2021, At Choo Choo's after our walk.

Margaret B, Birthday Cake with Dawn S.

April 27 2021, At Choo Choo's after our walk.


A rainy cold day 22 people at Choo Choo's liked their Coffee and Cakes and Natter.

May 23 2021, At Choo Choo's Frank Presenting Choo Choo Staff Deb and Paulla with a certificate from Probus.




March 17 2020, At Choo Choo's after our normal we had some visitors.

Wendy B, Kevin Q, Veronica Q, Daniel, Jim B.

Jim B, John M, Graeme F, Peter T, Kath T.

Pat H, Margaret B, Fank B, Barry B.

Ron V, Tony P, Margaret P, Faye V.

January 28 2020, Old Telegraph road west walk, we  12 adults and 5 Children carpooled on a perfect day at Burke street  at 9:30 AM and travelled to Rokeby Park  then walked Old Telegraph road west, along the rail trail, the bush had many very interesting trees in it. We will then enjoyed our own Cuppas and biscuits in the shelter. We will then drove to the Neerim south hotel for a very good lunch.

The Walking group in the bush at Rokeby.


The walkers in the Rokeby bush.


26 November 2019, Noojee Tramway walk. 8 brave walkers car pooled at 9:30 AM at Burke street, then we drove to Noojee for morning tea at the Little Red Duck. At the little red duck we were made extremely good service.

We then drive to the Historic Railway station and do the Tramway walk.

We walked in the rain and cold wind trying to dodge the many puddles on the track, everyone was happy.

After the walk we drive to the Neerim South Hotel for lunch. We had delicious Seniors Lunch.

We then drive back to Warragul.


21 May 2019, 

Trestle Bridge walk Noojee.

We carpooled at Bourke street Car park and drove to the Railway Station at Noojee where we had our own homemade morning tea.

The weather was sunny and calm and a very comfortable temperature.

We then do a walked to the Trestle bridge at Noojee and then as a reward we went to the Noojee pub for lunch.

I am sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.


9 April 2019, 

Pakenham Lakeside drive walk.

At 10 AM we will carpooled and left Burke street carpark Warragul to travel via the Freeway to Cardinia road,  we then left the Freeway and turned right and cross the railway line, then turned right into Shearwater drive and then turn left into Blackwood drive.

10:40 AM, Lakeside Park (Parking in Cormorant Parade) we consumed and enjoyed our BYO Thermos Tea or Coffee.

11:00 AM, We walked around the loop around the Lakeside on concrete paths and boardwalks Length 1.51 km  time 22 minutes. We all  walked around twice. On the walk we discovered a Cormorant on a rock. We found a Cormorant sitting on a rock, with a fishing lure stuck in his bill. Jim tried and almost caught him trying to get the lure out.

11:50 AM, We left the park for lunch at the Railway Hotel 153 Main street Pakenham. Lunch Special the senior meals were generous and delicious and VERY hot.

Our brave walkers, all walked twice around the lake.

We found a Cormorant sitting on a rock, with a fishing lure stuck in his bill. Jim tried and almost caught him trying to get the lure out.

Lakeside Pakenham Barbecue.

This gentle loop has it all: BBQ, hundreds of water birds, playground, cafes, access to public transport and much more.

A fantastic route to take the pram, dog, kids or simply yourself. It is a very pretty public space which is very popular with the locals – especially on a sunny day!

If you are looking for a longer ‘bushy’ walk in the area, check out the Council’s ‘Aqueduct Recreation Trail’: 

1, Pram, stroller and wheelchair friendlyThe whole loop’s surface is either concrete or high-quality boardwalk and therefore usable by all most everyone.

2, BBQ and Playground At the western end of the lake is this great BBQ and playground, perfect spot to bring the family.

3. Friendly localsIt is amazing juts how many birds there are in the lake!

4. Read about the native flora and fauna There are plenty of signs and information sheets around the loop providing plenty of information for walkers.

5. Duck feeding central! The pier at the eastern end of the lake, just in front of the Cardinia Cultural Centre, is a perfect spot to feed the duck, swans and other types of birds.

6. Cardinia Road Train Station is less than 1km away As Cardinia Road Train Station is just under a km away, the lake is very easily accessible by public transport. The pedestrian facilities between the station and the lake and great.

7. A beautiful view all the way around You will be pleasantly surprised just how pleasant the views and amenity of the lake are.

8. What are these two up to? What are these two up to?

9. Some inspiration from the Council! The Council estimates the loop is 2,000 steps, which they consider is one fifth of the number of steps you should aim for per day.

10. Try not to fall in!
Most of the walk has no guard rail, however the water depth is very shallow so do not be alarmed!



5 February 2019, 19 People loaded up into 6 cars and drove to Mossvale Park on the Mirboo Leongatha road and had morning tea and a chat on the banks of the Tarwin River, this river was not very big but it was flowing freely. After morning tea they continued on the Wild Dog Valley road to the Carl Harmond Reserve. After a very interesting and pleasant walk through many stands of very large Messmate trees then they all continued on to the Leongatha RSL and we partook in delicious meals and drinks.

Watch this space for some photos.

15 January 2019. After our walk on a very hot day we went as usual to Choo Choos at the Warragul Railway station for our Coffee. As it was Jims birthday (a special one) we decided to buy him a small cake with 1 candle, and sing him happy birthday.

2019 the first walk will be on the 8th of January 2019, Choo Choos will be shut but I am sure that Ron will organise somewhere else for us to go to for Coffee.


I3 November 2018  Bunyip State Park Button Grass Walk.

We met as usual at Burke Street Park Warragul at 9:30 AM Sharp. 

We all car pooled into 3 cars and traveled down to the Bunyip state forest.

When we arrived to the start of the walk we all enjoyed our morning tea.

On our walk we walked mainly single file enjoying the very calm warm conditions discussing the various wild flowers, unfortuneatly we were too late for the Button grass flowers they were just shrivelled up. But the minature Orchids etc made up for that. The walk was a circuit over gently undulating tracks about 5 Ks long.

After the walk we all travelled to the newly renovated Royal Hotel Drouin. We all had delicious meals and the service was wonderful.

Ron showing us a Button grass plant.

The walking track.

Some of the wild flowers.

Whats left of a Button grass flower.

Jim looking for footmarks of wildlife.

Jim having a well earned rest.


24 April 2018 - Screw Creek Walk at Inverloch 

9 if us attented and went to Inverloch  in 2 vehicles. 

Had morning tea at the beginning of the walk which is at the far end of the Caravan park.

The walk only takes 40 minutes; we then drove into Inverloch and had lunch at the Bakery   


Ron V.  

23 January 2018, Ron organised a special walk on a track near Lifestyle village. About a dozen keen happy members came, including Charlie the Spoodle.

We carpooled at Burke street car park by 9:30 AM, some of our cars drove to Lifestyle and parked outside. 

We walked past a heard of small Alpacas and the backs of several large house blocks through some light bush and crossed several small roads and then we returned the same way that we came.

The walk was flat and easy to do and took about 40 minutes. 

We did the walk and then went to Choo Choos at the Railway station for coffee and cake.


7 February 2017, The Walking group went to Mt Worth National Park, we car pooled at 9:30 Burke Street. BYO morning tea, in the shelter on the mountain. After the interesting enjoyable walk we drove down to have lunch at the Darnum Stump tea rooms.


22 November 2016, 12 of us car pooled at Burke Street and then drove to Nangara Reserve at Jindivick, we started our morning with BYO morning tea. 

We did this walk a few years ago. The trees have grown a lot since then. 

Obviously a big storm had been through recently. We added to our adventure having to climb under and over trees across the tracks. This walk was done in light drizzly rain, the trees across the track were no problem..

The track is lined with statues and bollards and is in good order, is great to see no graffiti.

We then adjourned to the Jindivick Cafe for lunch, we were made very welcome ad all enjoyed ourselves.


See a Youtube slide show of some of our photos CLICK HERE.

23 February 2016, We car pooled at Burke Street and then drove to the Railway Station Museum at Noojee.

We have our BYO morning tea, and then inspect the Museum. 

After that we will walk to the Trestle bridge and then come back to the Noojee hotel for lunch.

BYO Morning Tea.


5 January 2016, about 20 people came and had a gentle walk and many discussions were had. As Choo Choo’s are still away and it would have been too crowded at Logan's we went to New Mason for Morning Lunch. We all sat up comfortably in their big lounge. It was really great.


22 December 2015, we had 22 people attend and walk. Most of us arrived at Choo Choo’s only to find it closed (Beck had previously told us that she would open specially for us). So we all went across the road to Logan’s who made us very welcome. They grouped the four tables together and we enjoyed our Coffee and cakes and of course we all had great discussions. After that some of us went up to Joan and John’s as today is the unveiling of the wooden horse that John has spent the last year carefully making. That day the horse was to be delivered to his nephew’s son.

27 October 2015. 9:30 AM Burke Street we Car Pooled for a trip to Mt Worth State Park. When we arrived we had morning tea that we took and then explored the park. For lunch we went down to the Stump Tea Rooms at Darnum.

28 April 2015, Seventeen walkers left Burke Street Park  bound for the picnic ground at Noojee. After a cuppa and a chat, we were ready to tackle the 6K Tramway Walk. Ron lead the way and Tony stayed at the back to make sure no one got lost. It was a lovely, scenic walk through the bush. It was a bit slippery underfoot but everyone managed the walk without a mishap. We were then ready for a welcome meal at the Toolshed and a warm around the big log fire. The meals were quickly served and delicious and ample. It seems soup was all that was needed for the evening meal. Thanks to Ron for organising the walk. The Tuesday morning walks are always a good chance to catch up with fellow members for some healthy exercise and a chat. Veronica.

3 March 2015, Tuesday Walking Group. We Car pooled at Burke Street Park, and drove to Blue Rock Dam and had our own Morning tea. We then did the easy Blue rock walk, and then enjoyed our own food for lunch in the shelter. 

6 January 2015,  Tuesday Walking Group. Ron led 16 of us (some others came later) on our normal walk culminating at Choo Choos. Beck was still on holidays. But Beck had organised a birthday cake for Kath, We enjoyed the cake and coffees and then sang happy birthday to Kath. Thank you Choo Choo’s.


27 May Noojee 2014, we car pooled at Burke St Park. Then drove to the new Railway Station Noojee We enjoyed the shelter of the verandahs on the station and had our BYO morning tea. We then had an interesting drive to Toorongo Falls. It was very rainy and we were in the first car. We spotted many groups of lyre birds and a little wallaby. We walked the 2.17K track, up a steep path and then down a steep path and noticed many yabbies coming up from under the ground it must have been too wet for them, we were walking in pouring rain, but no one complained. We were all wearing clothing that would normally keep us dry but I think we all got wet. After that we drove to the Toolshed and gathered around the open fire to dry off. By that time our delicious lunch was ready. Click here to see Toorongo Falls movie.

Tuesday 22nd of January 2014, 18 very happy walkers drove to Noojee.We walked on the Tramway walk at Noojee.  We  met just before the swing bridge, to have morning tea. Off we went mainly in single file because the track is becoming overgrown and has a  lot of bark on it, we walked for about 5 ks, then drove to the Toolshed for a delicious lunch. Click here to see a photo of the group Photo.


August 2013, lately very cold westerly winds have been blowing through our shelter in Burke street park. Whilst the weather is like this we have reduced our walking distance. We walk up to the railway underpass and then walk back into Warragul beside Queen street. We go into the railway station Choo Choo Cafe for morning tea. The staff at Choo Choo make us VERY welcome, so with that treatment it is going to be very hard to stop going there. Photo 1 at Choo Choo.  Photo 2 at Choo Choo. Photo 3 at Choo Choo. Photo 4 at Choo Choo.

25 November 2013,  BUTTON GRASS WALK REPORT.

15 Walkers met at Burke Street and we pooled cars. Ron took the lead and drove to Tonimbuk to the start of the Button Grass Walk. We then enjoyed our own morning tea before setting off for a 3K walk. On the path we found a few Button Grass flowers but it seems we were a little late in the season to see the best of them. Off we went down to Garfield for a huge lunch at the Impodimo Cafe & Gifts shop. This is an amazing Café and we received excellent service. The Café is in a refurbished old house, for those that remember it was the late Jack Brenchley’s home. We wandered up the street to visit the 100 year old bakery, this has just been refurbished and is making a big range of Sour dough bread and biscuits in the original oven.   Photo Slide Show.


26 November 2013, About 20 very happy walkers met at Burke Street park, we then pooled our cars and drove to Yarragon to do the "Yarragon Walk". This walk took about  1 hour (5.7K)  to walk it. The first third went gently up hill giving us a wonderful view. We walked past many luxurious properties. We then walked back to the park in the median strip and had a picnic morning tea. I only have received 1 photo and that is of 2 naughty girls sampling some fruit on the side of the road.

9 July 2013, Click here to see a You Tube video using Google Earth.

2 July 2013, Click here to see a You Tube video using Google Earth

28 May2013, A wonderful sunny day we all did our walk some walked a little further than they normally do. It was sad that so many people were not able to come. 9 people out of 150 members came. Click here to see a picture of us all enjoying our morning tea after our walk.

23 April 2013, we are to met at the Bourke street park for car pooling so that we could travel to the Railway Station and steam train in Noojee, where we will have morning tea. After that we walked to the Trestle bridge and back. After walking back we went to the Noojee Hotel for lunch.  Look at pictures of the walkers that managed to get to the trestle bridge. Picture 1, Picture 2.

19 March 2013, Jean K invited us all up to her home after our walk for morning tea and a garden walk in her amazing garden. Jean did lots of home cooking for us and even brought out her best china.

12 February 2013, (Pancake Tuesday) we had at least 20 very happy people come most people had things involved to make the Pan cakes, we also had several very happy cooks. Kevin even brought along his generator.  It was a great success, thanks everyone. To see the Photos from it click here. To see a slide show of these photos click here.


27 November 2012, we were to meet at Burke Street Park 9:30AM to go down to Tynong to walk the Button Grass walk at Tynong. Unfortunately, Ron called the walk off because of the inclement weather, so we simply all 22 of us went directly to Lady Lavender Tea Rooms 3085 Princes Hwy Bunyip.

6 November 2012, after our normal walk Wendy and Jim invited the walkers up to their place for a barbecue and to watch the cup. So most of us went up, and totally enjoyed ourselves. THANKS WENDY & JIM.

22 May 2012, 12 of us met at Burke Street Car Park for car pooling at 10 AM. After that we travelled to Mt Worth for a short walk beginning with Morning tea. After the walk we went down to  the Stump restaurant for a delicious welcomed lunch. Click here for Photos.

24 April 2012, we were to meet at Burke street park and to be be issued with a map to the Button Grass walk at Tynong, when we arrived we would have started with morning tea, then after our walk we would have gone somewhere else for a picnic lunch. We were to remember to take our own morning tea and lunch and a chair. Unfortunately the whole outing had to be called off because of the very poor weather.

31 January 2012, Ron organised a Bush Walk at Mirboo North, at Lyrebird Walk. We met at Burke Street Car park Warragul at 9:30 AM for car pooling. We will had lunch at the Mirboo North Cafe. This was very well organised with a delicious meal.


20 December 2011, we had a wonderful Christmas party after our walk. Every one brought along food to share. We had Christmas table cloths and a Christmas Tree and somehow Kevin brought along plenty of very hot sausage rolls and he even brought the Tomato sauce. Hope fully some Photos will be coming soon. 

15 November 2011, Ron organised a walk at Yurralla Walk Trafalgar, We met at Burke Street park for car pooling at 10:00 AM, after the walk we adjourned to the Stump tea rooms Darnum at about 12:30 PM for lunch.

4 October 2011,The Baw Baw Shire kindly organised this seniors walk including morning tea and lunch.  About a dozen of our members boarded a Warragul Bus Lines bus along with many other people at the West Gippsland Arts Centre heading for Noojee. A delicious morning tea was had at the Noojee Picnic ground by the river. They then  separated into 3 groups, 1 group went to Toorongo Falls another went to the Trestle Bridge and the other group went on the Loch Valley Tramway walk. They all met back at the Picnic Ground for a delicious lunch. They then came home on the bus. Thank you Baw Baw Shire for a wonderful day.

Faye's Photos of the walk. Go to our Photos page click here.

23 August 2011, 2 Photos of our HAPPY group having coffee after our morning walk, sorry to have to note that our regulars Margaret & Tony could not be there..

walking_group_23_08_11.jpg (88362 bytes)  walking_group_23_08_11_2.jpg (89004 bytes) Click on Photo to enlarge.

26 July 2011, We met at the Barn at Jindivick at 10:15 AM to go for a walk on the Nangara walk. This was a very interesting and pretty walk, the weather was cold and raining but it was worth it. We then adjourned to the Jindi Cafe for an extremely good and economical lunch they really looked after us there. We did take some photos, to see them please check your e-mails.

stuart_hood_1940.jpg (100615 bytes) Stature of Stuart Hood at Nangara walk.

5 July 2011, The Geoff Watt Walking track has been AT LAST resurfaced, no more walking through the mud.


1 February 2010, 21 members drove out to Neerim South to Janelli Gardens at Neerim South. Ron arranged for the Walking Group to go to the Janalli Gardens. A light luncheon was provided. This is a very large property and is very interesting they have worked very hard on it and it is a credit to them. The food that we had for lunch everything but the protein was grown on the property. The weather was very hot and very windy but everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. View an interesting photo of a bower birds nest in the gardens click on the link.

Gardening Australia's report about Janalli Gardens.

PETER CUNDALL: There's a very special garden in Gippsland and right in the heart of it is a little part of Japan and it's brilliant. Here's Jane.

JANE EDMANSON: In Japanese culture, garden-making is a high art, intimately related to the linked arts of calligraphy and ink painting. Since the end of the 19th century, Japanese gardens have also been imitated in our Western gardens, and they invite quiet contemplation.

This is a wonderful example of Japanese style. It's in a garden called Janelli, set in the beautiful rolling hills of Gippsland, south-east of Melbourne, and it shows all the main elements that make up that oriental style.

The hills around Janelli make for a perfect canvas for a Japanese garden. There's clumps of bamboo, the mass planting of Japanese Nandina and a beautiful copse of Silver Birch Trees. From the top of the slope, you're invited to walk into the garden and onto this wide wooden bridge that overlooks on one side a wonderful lake that is very reflective of all the vegetation around it. On the other side, it's something completely different, it's a dry creek bed. And that's an important feature of this lower part of the garden. You have this imaginary feature, deliberately left dry - the only bit of water coming from the bamboo deer-scarer, which is quite a practical thing in Japanese gardens, where deer can be a problem.

Rocks represent islands in the river and are quite symbolic in overall design. Just in front of the bridge is the largest of the rocks, and in Japanese design it also represents mountains, and this piece of granite - it was mined locally - is a beautiful feature in the garden. Rock size is also important, as is their location. The other thing is that they're always placed in odd numbers.

You may notice the one large rock by itself. This is another important element in the design, as it represents tension. The rock has been placed in such a way that it looks as though it could fall over. All of this is part of the traditional Japanese sensibility that attests that rocks and stones are actual beings with spirits that need to be treated with reverence.

In Japanese landscapes, green is the predominant colour, very rarely do they use lots of flower colour, and that’s why, in mid-winter is a beaut thing. This is Bambusa balcooa, and it's a beautiful, thick-stemmed, clumping variety.

One of the Japanese sacred bamboos is Nandina domestica. This one has got a ferny, feathery foliage and bright red berries, and it is a very colourful plant.

Another plant that's often featured in Japanese gardens are the conifers, because they're very hardy. This is an evergreen one, Juniper. It's very prostrate and its cultivar name is Blue Carpet, because of that sea of blue. That effect is really good on the edge of the dry creek bed.

Not every plant has to be of Japanese origin. This is a cultivar of the old Arum Lily. It's called Green Goddess and it does really beautifully along the lakeside because it does like moisture. It has the most fantastic flowers - they're cream and green.

This is the lowest and the most moist part of the garden and it's where the Iris do well, they can handle that moisture round their roots, and this wonderful boardwalk zigzags its way over the top of the dry creek bed, and that's important because it's keeping evil spirits away. You will always notice that very few Japanese landscapes have straight lines, and that is, indeed, to keep the spirits out.

One of the features that I haven't made mention of is the subtle use of ornamentation, artefacts, either in stone or metal, like this lantern, are still used today to give authenticity but in the past the Japanese would have used it to represent a father figure or a guide.

At the heart of all Japanese garden design is symbolism and meaning and it's a chance for the gardener, or visitor, to reflect and soak up the surrounds. It's a perfect location for quiet contemplation.  


16 November 2009, saw twenty keen walkers head to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. Ron Vickers had arranged for a guided tour which took an hour and was most informative. All lunched together at a long table in the cafe. After lunch, we could walk around the garden at our leisure or visit the gift shop. A most enjoyable day – thanks Ron. As a "wind-up" to the year, the Walking Group enjoyed a B.B.Q lunch at Kevin & Veronica Quirk's home on December 21st. ~Veronica Click here for Photos.

Faye's Photos from the Botanical Gardens. Click here.

5 October 2009, we went on a Baw Baw Shire walk named "Go for your life" We met at the Warragul Arts centre car park. We then be got on the bus and were driven to to the Rokeby Crossover rail trail.  Lunch was provided. 

9 February 2009,  20 of us set off to the TARA BULGA NATIONAL PARK. We stopped at the Open Cut viewing platform (Miners View) to view the Power Station works. Morning Tea was enjoyed by all and we were on their way again. Our route took us via Callignee, where the devastation after the fires last year was very evident. Burnt trees lined the road, and on arriving at the Tara Park ,were amazed to find it completely untouched. Just as beautiful as ever. It was a hot, humid day and the walk through the Rainforest was refreshing. Some of us left Tara to travel to the Bulga Park, but only about half of the walkers wanted to push on that far. Some of us came up to the tables at Bulga only to find that they had been deserted. So we had a very enjoyable lunch at Bulga and went home.

Loy Yang Power Station and surrounds, Hyland Highway

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Entrance to Miners View Lookout, Hyland Hwy

Car park and information shelter at Miners View Lookout

View of Loy Yang Power Station from Miners View Lookout

View of Loy Yang Power Station from Miners View Lookout

View of open cut coal mine from Miners View Lookout

View south along Hyland Hwy towards Morwell Rd

View east along Hyland Hwy towards Loy Yang Power Station

View west along Hyland Hwy towards Loy Yang Power Station

Some of the Ladies at Tara Bulga Car Park.

More of us having Morning Tea.

Joan and Sue having Morning Tea.


29 December 2009, No walk was scheduled but 3 of us did the walk and then adjourned to the new Mc Cafe to try the new shop.

22 December 2009, the last walk for this year, after the walk we had a sausage sizzle. 35 people came and enjoyed the meal barbecued by Kevin and Jim along with some other helpers..

In the Latrobe street Shelter our group having a sausage sizzle for Christmas 09.

Some of our happy bunch at the sausage sizzle.

The ladies table at the sausage sizzle.

The men having a discussion.

22 October 2009, we visited the  Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne. 2 years ago we visited these gardens, and in that time the vegetation has matured quite noticeably. Lots of wild flowers were out and the insect and bird life had to be seen and heard to believe. We then had lunch in their cafe.

Kangaroo Paws in Flower at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

Native Orchids in Flower at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

Our leader interfering with trigger plant flowers, at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

1 October 2009, We walked as usual along the linear trail, but after that we went to the Stump Restaurant at Darnum for lunch to celebrate the first day of Spring.

21 June 2009, a group of 22 keen walkers assembled at the Bourke Street Park, before setting off in convoy style by car for the Mt Worth National Park . Big tree walk. After an enjoyable, scenic drive through very hilly, typical Gippsland terrain, we had our morning tea. While we were enjoying our cuppa, a group of probably 12-20 wrens were hopping about not taking any notice of us at all. It was quite cool compared to the temperature in Warragul, but, very Spring like .We soon warmed up. The walk to the "Big tree" is 1.8km on quite level track. Along the way we saw enormous tree ferns and very tall old growth trees. On our return journey back to the car park, several of us were entertained by a young male Lyrebird. He was perched on an old log, just scratching about and doing his call. After a while he jumped to the ground and  all enjoyed a very plentiful lunch.


9 June 2008, This morning continued to scratch for food. It was lovely to watch. On our return to our cars, we all headed to the Stump Cafe at Darnum where we 12 very brave (foolhardy) walkers assembled at the Burke Street Park for our regular Tuesday morning walk. We set off in very cold conditions (the outside temp was 7 deg when we left home) to do the Linear walk. We managed to get as far as the railway bridge then by a unanimous vote we decided to abandon the walk in favour of a warm coffee in Beeches Café.  (The coffee was lovely)


2 October 2007, Walkinq Group visited Cranbourne gardens. we all enjoyed a visit to the Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne There was a merry bunch of 29 adults and 5 children in all, The children had a WOW of a time paddling in the Rock pool Waterway whilst the adults gooed and aahed over the diversity of plants and the creative, landscapes. , Just beautiful! After a leisurely lunch at the visitors center, a walk to the Trig Point Lookout then onward we drove to the Stringy bark car park for a cuppa and a piece of Kevin's Delicious sultana cake which was generouserly shared with a mother bandicoot and her baby. There were be birds, kids, bandicoots and a jolly bunch of Probians—- What better way to spend a day! Many thanks to Jim and Wendy for their successfully planned program.

18 May 2007, members of the walking group left Burke St. by car heading to Trafalgar, then up through the hills to Thorpdale. Stopping for morning tea at the commencement of the Lyrebird Forest Walk.

18 walkers started as a group, then seven took the fork via the 3km Coral Fern Gully route. What happened? Don't ask. (lost) A good laugh was had by all. Then it was into Mirboo North for a healthy? lunch at the Bakery. It was beautiful sitting outside in the sunshine and most discarded the coats, jumpers etc. that we had worn prepared for the forecast weather! Vanilla slices were very popular and too tempting to resist. It has been suggested that next Tues. should be a a session on map reading and orienteering! A great day was had by all and some great bargains found at the shops.


13 April 2007, twenty three members boarded the train at Warragul, where V-Line had reserved the front carriage for us. Barry & Jenny R joined us at Drouin and Geoff and Gloria C at Garfield. 

After an enjoyable trip, we alighted in Melbourne at Flinders St. and crossed through Federation Sq., walking along the North East side of the Yarra River (which we thought looked very good and reasonably clean, considering the activities on it over Moomba). 

We then used the Swan St. Bridge to cross the river and continued with our walk along the South West Bank, passing the Rowing Club facilities, moving on to Southbank, where we had morning tea. Several of the group then made their way to visit the beautiful St. John's Southgate Lutheran Church , where we were given a brief history and shown the facilities by one of the volunteers on duty. 

We proceeded along past the Casino and the Melbourne Exhibition Building (Jeffs Shed), the Pollywoodside, heading south and over the Webb Bridge to the docklands area. It is quite an impressive sight, with many splendid buildings and improvements to the dock facilities. We lunched at the various eating places on the wharves. 

We also watched some fish being caught Off the wharf. (pinkies). After a photo shoot under the "cow up a tree" sculpture, we walked around the outside of Telstra Dome on our way to Southern Cross Railway station, where we were reunited with a couple from our group who had enjoyed a trip on the city sights tram. All in all it was a great day the weather was perfect — sunny with a lovely cool breeze — the company was even better! 

Early to bed to rest the aching knees and feet, even though some (who shall remain nameless) had a catnap on the return train trip. We look forward to our next outing, (Jim & Wendy).



1 August  2006, On a very wet Tuesday morning (1st August), a group of 15 optimistic walkers left Warragul to drive to the Tarra Bulga National Park in the Strzelecki Ranges, with a supply of coats, extra shoes, umbrellas, etc (preparing for the worst weather as we were going to a rain forest!). However, when we arrived (after a scenic drive), we walked through the fern-filled gullies, past giant Mountain Ash and ancient Myrtle Beech frees, with the sun filtering through and a blue sky above showing through the canopy. Even a Lyrebird popped out to say hello and a black wallaby crossed our path en route. Prior to our very enjoyable light lunch at the Balook Guest House, we walked to the Corrigan Suspension Bridge where we experienced the swaying in the centre of the bridge. Thanks to the four drivers and their navigators for a safe and very enjoyable day.

(Photos of our experiences on the notice board.)

Please feel free to join us on Tuesday mornings, 10am, Bourke St Car Park. ALL WELCOME.  

May 2006, On a crisp Autumn morning 21 members travelled to the Wilson Botanical Park Berwick. We walked around the outer perimeter, which included the Hoo Hoo Lookout Tower, Ben's Lookout, Directional Marker (and discovered a new word !), passed two lakes and Amphitheatre, then enjoyed lunch together in the picnic area. On the way back to the car park, we walked through the rose garden. Although the gardens are situated in a disused quarry and parts of the track were quite steep, it was most enjoyable, with terrific views overlooking outer Melboume. A great place to take your family and friends. We look forward to similar outings interspersed with our regular Tuesday walk in Warragul. Please feel free to join us at 10 AM Burke St. car park. (By Jim B )

15 May 2006 It has been decided to make our walk a weekly event. So from now on each Tuesday  at the Burke St Park at 10 AM. This is to avoid confusion as to which Tuesday. We realise that not everybody is available weekly, however there will always be someone going so just come and join us when suitable. Don't forget to bring a cuppa and enjoy fellowship afterwards. 

On Tuesday 30th May, we plan to meet as usual at 10.00 a.m., however we will car pool and drive to Wilson Park Berwick (weather permitting) and have our walk, so please bring something for lunch and we have a picnic after our walk. Look forward to seeing you . (Jim B 5623 5904)


22 November 2005, Wanderer's Group (Leaders Jim & Wendy Black) Nine members turned out on Tuesday 22nd for our leisurely walk from Burke St Park enjoying a cuppa when completed. We are really keen to get more members involved to enable us to organise an out of town walk which will

15 November 2005, With a very wet and windy day only 5 members turned up for our walk and instead of stopping aft erwards for our usual cuppa and chat headed home for a hot shower. The fellowship was just as enjoyable. Please come and join us on the 22nd November, 10 am at Burke Street car

27 September 2005, Wanderer's Walking Group:On a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning (27th Sept) at 10am fourteen members met to walk via the walking track to Brooker Park and back. Ages ranged from 9 to 94 yrs and the ability and strides were just as varied. A great time was had by all and the cuppa and chat at the end were just rewards. Please check the list on the notice board and add your name to come and join us on our walks. It was decided that we will meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.