Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago Inc.


 Probus club #1006155   incorporation number A0047473C


Our Dine Outs Group.

Our Dine Outs Group old Video Link.

   Our Dine Outs Organisers are, 


Susan L 0409 210 882, Peter L 0409 554 394.


24th of July Wednesday 12 Noon.

Our next Dine Out will be at Shanikas’s in Pakenham . (about 40 mins or 49Km from Warragul) 12 PM 

 The cost will be $42.50 which includes a main course meal plus garlic bread and light dessert. 

This venue requires payment beforehand so please pay Val by cash or direct debit (saying the payment is for Shanika’s as well as your name) 

Car pooling can be organised if needed.

Please pay by the July General meeting.


DINE OUTS that we have had..

29th of May Wednesday 12 Noon.

Luciano's Modern Italian Restaurant Drouin.

We had a very nice gathering for lunch at Luciano’s in Drouin. 

Beautiful weather outside and lovely surroundings inside added to a fun afternoon. 

Thank you for attending.

Inspect the menu.

See pictures on our Photos 2024 webpage.

27th of March Wednesday 12 Noon.

 Middels 3/94 Princes Way Drouin 56252014. 

We had a successful response for our recent dine out last Wednesday (27th March) at Middels with 30 people in attendance. I think most people enjoyed their meal and the friendly banter that went with it.

Susan and Peter L.


About 27 happy noisy members attended and had a great chat.

See pictures on our Photos 2024 webpage.

24th of January Wednesday after 4 PM.

Our annual Picnic in the Civic Park Warragul.

There were 46 members enjoyed the afternoon picnic at the Civic Park with Alan Tatlow and Tammy Patrick playing good  music. 

Some yummy food shared by some and great chats among members 

See photos on our photos page.


6th of December 2023 Wednesday.

Our Christmas lunch at The Black Tie.

A great time was had by the 101 members who attended the Christmas lunch at the Black Tie on the 6th December. We enjoyed a 3 course meal in a well decorated venue. Total donations for Baw Baw Food Relief were $710, $15 gift card and lots of non-perishable food items which were delivered by Mary, Val, Alice and John. There are a lot of pictures of the function on our Probus website. If you missed the lunch, look at these pictures and try to come this year to enjoy the fun.

Andrew and Alice and John did a marvellous job of setting up everything for us.

See our photos page.

27th of September 2023 Wednesday.

La Passion Italian Family Restaurant

We had 41 members came to lunch at La Passion. There were some laughter among members specially when someone discovered a special cocktail  ? which probably brought back some memories from their younger days.

The food wasn't too bad and you have to check out  what John S have (big plate).

Thank you everyone for coming.

Have a look at our photos.

26th of July 2023 Wednesday .



I had a great time at Sampsons Bar and Grill with your Probus Warragul Tarago group! 

48 Members and 2 prospective members car pooled to the Trafalgar restaurant.

Sometimes, slow service can be frustrating, but it seems like you all made the best of it by engaging in wonderful conversation while waiting for the food. 

Good company and exceptional food can certainly make up for any initial delays. 

These gatherings are an excellent way to foster camaraderie and create lasting memories. 

We all had a fantastic lunch and enjoyed each other's company! 

Thanks to Chat GPT AI.

See our photos on our photos page.

Wednesday 24th May 2023 Tool Shed Noojee.

Tool Shed Bar, Bistro and Cabins

Please note that we will be dining at the restaurant, used to be The Outpost  

We had 50 members attended our Dine out today, 24th of May @ The Tool Shed/Outpost. We enjoyed our lovely lunch and entertainment by Alan Tatlow which was provided by the restaurant 

We also managed to surprise our member, Frank S with a yummy cake for his 70th birthday ? 

It was an enjoyable afternoon   

Click here to see our Movie.




Wednesday 25th January 4:30 PM 2023 Picnic in the Park.

25 th of January 2023 Picnic in the Park, Civic Park Warragul.

Faye and Alice, kindly organised this wonderful event. 42 very happy members attended the weather was very kind to us and everyone appeared to have a good time.

Our Entertainment was by Alan Tatlow Singing and Guitar and Harmonica, and Tammy Patrick singing and playing the Keyboard. 

Many requests were very well performed for us.

If you go to our photos page you can look at more photos.

I have also made a sound recording of the entertainment. It will be here when it is ready. 

To play this music it would be best to have Free VLC player software installed.

sounds/picnic_in_park/00 Sentimental Journey.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/01 Wonderful World.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/02 A White Sports Coat.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/04 BlueBerry Hill.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/05 Bye Bye Baby.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/06 Bye Bye Blackbird.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/07 Can't Help Falling in Love again.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/09 Crazy.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/10 Devoted.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/11 Dream.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/12 Just Walking In The Rain.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/13 Let it be Me.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/14 Love Letters In The Sand.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/15 Love Me Tender.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/16 Memories Are Made Of This.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/17 Stay a little bit longer.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/18 Wooden Heart.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/19 World of our Own.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/21 Everyday.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/22 Yesterday.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/23 Save The Last Dance For Me.mp3

sounds/picnic_in_park/24 We'll Meet Again.mp3

Christmas Donation by Probus Club of Warragul-Tarago to SES December 2022


On Friday, 16th December, our President, Rob S, and a number of other members of the Committee presented a cheque for $1,500 to the SES Warragul.  This amount was the $750 donated by our members at our Christmas lunch, plus $750 from Club funds.  The SES men were very appreciative of the cheque and said the money would go to much needed items.  The SES depends on donations such as this.  We did see two very large “Jaws of Life” which are used to get trapped drivers out of their smashed cars.  Very impressive.  (Have a good look at the attached photo.)  The presentation was informal and friendly.  The three SES volunteers were dressed for action and they said the latest call outs were at Hallora and Jindivick.  It was indicated that two call outs so far apart at the same time is difficult to manage.  It was intimated that the Christmas period is generally very busy.  We hope that this year the Christmas Season is quiet for them.  A photographer and a journalist from The Gazette attended and took photos, both for us and for a news item they were running.  Alan Male, our guest speaker for May, was in attendance also.  Di P.


Wednesday 7th December, at the Black Tie our Probus Christmas dinner.

Christmas Lunch: 86 Happy people attended.

We were served a delicious meal of Carved Turkey Breast, Sliced Virginian ham and Pork Crackling. Accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables and garnished with cranberry sauce.

Dessert was a wedge of traditional Plum Pudding drizzled with warmed Custard and served with a side of Vanilla ice cream.

Donations by Members to go to Warragul SES, our club will also put some more money into the donation.

Lucky Door Prize will be a Christmas Cake kindly provided by Faye V.

See our Photos page for the Photos.

Thursday 27th  October  2022.  

Combined Probus Clubs Cluster Lunch

Venue Black Tie

Report to come.

 Started  11.30 am. Opening and seating  11.59 am. Lunch to be served at 12.15 pm.

 There was  2 choices of main meal and desserts served alternatively.

 Main Beef Provincial or Deconstructed Cordon Bleu.

Dessert  Tangy Lemon Meringue Tart  or Apple and Sour Cherry Strudel.

Our quota was 16 members for this function.

Wednesday 28th September 2022 

 Noojee Hotel for lunch.

56 Very happy members attended the Noojee hotel for a wonderful lunch.

If you would like to see the photos, please follow this link to our Photos 2022 page.

Friday 8th July 2022.

Albert and Smith, organised by Joan L. 38 Happy members attended. After going to see Bernadette Robinson sing the songs of Judy Garland in the Arts Centre about 35 members adjourned to the Albert and Smith restaurant. It was warm and dry in the building unlike the cold and rain outside.

The meal was unusually slow coming out but the quality and quantity was really good, worth the wait.

8th July 22 Photo from one end of the table at Albert and Smith.

8th July 22 Photo from one end of the table at Albert and Smith.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022

Club Hotel, 51 Queen Street, Warragul, Tim

e : 12noon  Lunch @ Club Hotel is $15 for the special menu or you can order the regular menu at the counter and pay there. 

43 happy members and enjoyed a lovely meal.

22nd June 2022 Club Hotel.

22nd June 2022 Club Hotel.

22nd June 2022 Club Hotel.

22nd June 2022 Club Hotel.

Wednesday 23rd of February, The French Theme Lunch at the Black Tie. 60 Happy members attended and had a good time. Thanks to everybody involved many people did things behind the scenes. Here's hoping those that attended the luncheon had a great day. What fantastic dress ups you guys came up with, so, so good to see, we certainly had a laugh at some of them.
The food was Andrew's usual superb standard and the tables looked beautiful.
Thank you for taking part in our fun day, please keep supporting these dine outs.
We need to give a Very Big Thank You to Kath T, behind the scenes and for the past 18 months during the on again off again situations, Kath has shuffled and managed the accounts for our dine outs in the most proficient way possible, it's been really difficult and time consuming for her but Kath kept everything in order, kept us on track and came up with our list time and time again. We are very grateful Kath.
Best Wishes Faye and Margaret...Dine Out Committee

Click here to see our photos 

Thursday 20th January 2022.Picnic in the Park 

Normally we arrive with our tables and chairs drinks and food and grand kids and dogs, late in the afternoon,  

Our normal 4th Wednesday clashes with Australia Day. See the Photos_2022 on this site.


Wednesday December 1 2021,

The Christmas lunch was wonderful thanks to the work of Faye V and Marg P as well as Andrew at The Black Tie. 

With 92 in attendance, there was lots of happy chat and mingling. See Photos on our Photos 2021 page.

Over $1000 was donated by members at the lunch and will be given to the oncology support department of the Warragul Hospital.

Wednesday May 26 2021, Neerim South Hotel  12 Noon.

We choose from the Seniors menu approx $22 for main and desert ....OR...some of us looked at the main menu board and costs varied there.

We ordered at the counter and paid individually. 

We bought our drinks at the bar..  

On a Wintry, Windy, Wednesday 46 Probus members drove out to the Neerim South Hotel  for our luncheon.

It was cosy warm there with the central log fire burning bright, the staff quite happily did their best to get us all served. Such a fantastic social time for us all, so much chatter, laughter and catching up and & ‘putting the world to rights’ !!

PHOTOS TAKEN AT THE  Neerim South Hotel  

Alan and Marg H Joy and Les C.

Barbara W, Judy R, Val Y, Ian C, Geoff W, Shirley P.

President Sue Q, Rob S, Pat H, Joan L, Elaine D, John R,  Val P, Ross R.

President Sue Q, Rob S, Pat H, Joan L, Elaine D, John R,  Val P, Ross R.

Jim and Wendy B.

John and Alice F, Janet and Graham A.

Nicholas P with a big plate of food.

Wednesday February 24 2021. 49 very happy members attended at Smith and Albert restaurant (The Arts Centre).. We had a large choice of delicious well prepared meals, the meals were very large and well presented.


Wednesday February 5 2021, 23 happy members attended, . We had the usual delicious meal all sitting around socially separated.

Friday January 27th 2021, Picnic in the Park.

On a “VERY WINDY DAY” 45 members met at Civic Park for a picnic together. Although windy, it was warm and folk set their chairs up in the sunshine and got down to eating, drinking and lot and lots of chatting!  So much catching up to do. 


Alan Tatlow sang some beautiful old songs for us and we heard a lot of people joining in and singing along and feet tapping.


Summing it up, we are pretty sure everyone had a wonderful time. So good to be free! We do live in the “Lucky Country “. - Faye and Margaret.

See our Photos on our 2021 Photos page CLICK HERE.

Wednesday November 25 2020. Dineout at Country Club Warragul.49 People came.

The dineout was like old times but NOISIER, everyone had a great time. Watch this space for a full report.

Margaret and Frank B.

Bruce and Joy Y.

Geoff and Heen H.

Joan L, Pat H, Chris O.

John and Sue C.

Les and Joy C.

Lorna and Ian C.

Margaret and Allan H.

Margaret and Bill E and Margaret B.

Peter and Kath T.


Wednesday January 22nd PICNIC IN THE PARK From 4:30 PM BYO your own food and drinks we met around the Barbecue and under the shady trees nearby. 

Picnic in the Park 22 January 2020. Faye and Ron V, Wendy B.

Picnic in the Park 22 January 2020. Pat H, Jim B, Barbara W.

Picnic in the Park 22 January 2020. John D, Dick B, Glenys C, Margaret E, Pam L, Margaret B, Bill E.

Picnic in the Park 22 January 2020. Pam L, Margaret B, Bill E, Geoff W, John and Marg C.


Wednesday December 4th, Christmas lunch: This wasat the "The Black Tie". We had 116 members attend and Enjoy a very special meal.


Table Number 1 Rotary reps Jeny and Bob Lewis, Salvation Army Amanda Hart, President John Vice President Frank.

Black Tie Christmas Party 2019 President John S and the Salvos Amanda Hart.

Black Tie Christmas Party 2019 Dawn S telling jokes.

Black Tie Christmas Party 2019 Dawn S Christmas outfit.

Black Tie Christmas Party 2019 Andrew and his staff.


Wednesday November 27th  Moe, a lunch was organised at Moe Race Club, we car pooled in Queen street Warragul and drove up to the Moe Racing Club. It was a very pleasant day to be out. Several patches of the Freeway were being resealed causing us delays.

We were all seated in the Bistro, and our meals and drinks were ordered and we were soon served delicious meals.

Twenty members had a very enjoyable day out.

Wednesday October 30th at 11:30 AM The Probus Clubs’ Cluster luncheon was held at the new Pakenham Racing Club venue in Tynong. 24 from our club attented and had a good time and meal.

The speaker was Wade Colderwood the business manager of the Pakenham racing club . He told us about the the building of the tracks and why and the extensive use that they put them to.

We all went out and formed 2 groups to tour the Complex, including the Jockeys rooms and Horse Stables

The menu for the day will be alternate Chicken dish and Beef dish and they would like to know any special dietry requirements.  

The President of each club is going to give a 2 minute talk on their clubs activities, in the absense of John our President Frank B stepped up and did us justice.

Those that could not go missed a very interesting time.


2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Landscape photo of all that came of the 7 clubs.


2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Pat H, Wendy Jim B, Kath T.

2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Michael O B, Bob D President of Warragul Rangers, Peter H.

2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Joy S, Nick S, Lyn Rob J, ??.

2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Bill Margaret E, Ralph C, Nicholas P.

2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Nick S, Peter and Leslie H.


2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Bill S Kath T Peter T Pat H Wendy B Jim B Margaret E.

2019 Probus Clubs Cluster Meeting Pakenham Race Course (Tynong).

Margaret and Bill E.



Wednesday October 8 44 45 46 ers Luncheon at New Mason. Glenys D kindly organised 23 members and partners to attend this celebration of the years that we we born.

We attented this same place this year the same as last year last year the meal was great then but this year the choice was wider and the service and meal were wonderful.

2019 44 45 46 ers Lunch at New Mason Pork Cutlet.

2019 44 45 46 ers Lunch at New Mason Table 1.

2019 44 45 46 ers Lunch at New Mason Table 1.

2019 44 45 46 ers Lunch at New Mason Table 2.

Wednesday August 28 Dine out at the Railway Hotel Warragul (Williams Square or Queen St entry) on Wednesday August 28th, starting at 12pm. Express menu - Cost $19.50 per head which includes a complimentary drink, pay on the day.

28 Happy members attented and had a great meal in the warm and freindly surroundings.

Thanks Nick.

27 March 2019, Royal Hotel Drouin lunch.

17 members came to our dine-out at the Royal Hotel in Drouin.  The food was good, as was the company and we chilled out, ate and talked.  Aaah.


20 March 2019, At the AGM in March, instead of a normal lunch at the Country Club Our Club subsidized a “cocktail platter” lunch.  The cost was $20 per head.  80 Members paid $5 each, with the our Club contributing $15 per head

Lorraine and the Country Club, did a great job organising this wondeful meal and should be congratulated.




13 March 2019, Our annual Committee dinner was at "In 2 Food Warragul"

Our Committees have a dinner each year, each year several members leave the committee.

We were all made welcome and had a good meal and excellent conversations.

12 March 2019, Our happy group of 39ers had dinner at Parnasus Restaurant Lardners Track Warragul / Drouin.

23 January 2019, Our annual Picnic in Civic Park Warragul. Alan Tatlow provided the music.

People started arriving at about 4:00 PM, we brought our own chairs food and drink and even our grand children and dog. Our leader Lorraine arrived very early to make sure that the big shady and tree were saved for us. The evening was sunny and the temperature was mild, everyone was very happy. Sadly most members were chatting so loudly they missed the excellent music put on by Alan and our Jim on the harmonica.




 5 December 2018.  Christmas lunch was at the Black Tie Warragul.  Andrew and his happy staff set the rooms up wonderfully, and Lorraine F made sure that everything was to her standards. 

103 very happy members were welcomed by Wendy and Jim B and Ron C at the front door on arrival. 


We had our local Rotary President and Wife Ross and Anthea, and Captain Amanda H, from the Salvation Army Warragul as visitors.

The meals were all delivered promptly and were of a good amount and were wonderfully cooked and tasted very delicious, well done again Andrew.

At The Black Tie, Our Dine Outs Organiser Lorraine F, Our President Ron C, Our MC for today Frank B.

A slide show of the photos that were taken at the dinner (sorry about the repetitive music almost all proper music is copyrighted) Do not forget to maximise the slideshow for best viewing. Click here.

14 November 2018. Members and partners born in 1944 , 1945, 1946, met for lunch at New Mason Warragul. Glenys D, organised this very enjoyable lunch for 55 people including partners. The meals and service was great. Every one also had a good talk.

31 October 2018.  The 7 local groups, comprising Trafalgar, Warragul Baw Baw, Warragul Tarago, Warragul Ranges, Drouin, Drouin Hills and Bunyip Garfield, all got together for a meal at the newly opened Gumbaya World.  Unfortunately numbers were limited to 35 from each club, which left many of our members disappointed to have missed out on a place.  The day was very pleasant, and everybody agreed the facilities and presentation of the animals was superb.  Congratulations to Drouin Hills for organising the function.

Click here to go to a Youtube video of more activities on the day.

Joan and Chris playing.

Our Probus Cluster leader and a Major share holder Gumbuya World.

Our 7 Probus Club reps seated and happilly talking.

Coralie and Graeme F, Coralie was the lucky winners of the door prize.

Frank and Margaret B, and Joan M, enjoyed their dessert. New landscaping can be seen through the windows.

26 September 2018.  Drouin Family Hotel, Main Street Drouin.  30 very happy members attended and had a delicious me

7 September 2018. Fish and Chips Warragul Bowling Club, For the first meal of this season we had 29 very happy diners, who were very impressed with the new chairs, drapes and carpet, as well as the meal, which was superb.




25 July 2018  28 very happy members went to the Ripplebrook Winery, where they had a delicious and very plentiful lunch.  They started with a wine tasting, and bought some wine if they so desired (many did).  They were then served delicious Tappas, Pizzas and Sweets.  All agreed it was once again a very successful dine-out.  Well done Lorraine.




23rd May 2015  32 happy people attended the Neerim South Hotel at 12 noon.  They had a choice of Soup & Main Course, or Main Course and Dessert. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal, setting and company.

28th of March 2018, 12 PM. Lunch at the Club Hotel, Queen Street, Warragul.  It has been recently renovated and under different ownership,  

40 very happy people arrived at the Club hotel, some of them were at least 30 minutes early.  The weather outside was a sunny 28 degrees, in the dining area the tables were tidily set, with plenty of room for us. The seniors meal had a big choice of meals, which should have pleased everyone.  We had to each fill out a form ticking what we wanted to eat, these orders were picked up at different times possibly to take some strain off the kitchen. Some people were finished their meals before our main meal came. The meals were a sensible size and what I ate was delicious. The deserts were Pavlova and Cheese cake and they were all soon eaten.  All in all it was a great finish to Frank’s year of organising our dine outs, Thanks Frank

For photos click here

Report by Peter T


24th of January 2018, 4 PM picnic in the  AT CIVIC PARK.

Alan Tatlow entertained us as usual. Everyone enjoyed the very pleasant evening. Watch this place for a full report.











6th of December 2017, The Black Tie our Christmas Lunch Celebrations.

112 of our very happy members came and enjoyed a VERY large Christmas dinner. Pork Ham and Turkey followed Christmas Pudding and ice cream and little strawberry Santa's.

Dawn and Ron told us many jokes.

Andrew and his team at the Black Tie did a wonderful job of arranging and decorating the rooms and preparing and serving the excellent meal.

The Salvation Army Captain Angela Locke came and collected our donations of money and gifts and said thank you.

President Bob Smethurst our Dineouts organisers Frank and Margaret Beavis and Rotary President Vaughan Fox.

Photos compliments of Kath T.

25th of October 2017, Annual Probus Cluster Meeting at the Warragul Country Club Function Room. 

Our Club organised this Cluster meeting this year, This cluster group is made up of the 7 local clubs in this area. Consisting of Baw Baw Warragul, Drouin, Drouin Hills, Garfield, Trafalgar, Rangers and Tarago. 

Mr Ian Clarke was our MC for the day.

We will have an interesting speaker Kylie Larkin from Donate Life and a heart transplant recipient of 3 years Larry Virtue  from Bunyip, entertainment was by Alan Clark and his Swing Band. 

Alex and her team at the Warragul Country Club did an excellent job of setting up and organising the 2 rooms.

Ian Clarke opened the meeting with some jokes and a friendly welcoming message.

190 people attended and  enjoyed alternate delicious servings of Lamb Roast and Fish and Chips followed by Pavlova and Chocolate Mousse. 

Kylie Larkin from Donate life spoke to us about what happens and why organs need to be donated and recommended that we all opt in to giving permission to allow our organs to be harvested if something unfortunately happens to us.

Kylie also emphasized the importance of speaking to our family and making sure that they understand your feelings about donating organs.

Larry gave us an interesting and informative talk about before the transplant and after.

Ian Clarke MC, Bob Smethurst President, Kylie Larkin Speaker, Dawn Smethurst Speaker Organiser, Larry Virtue Heart Recipient.

If you click on this text you can open a high resolution Youtube movie of the Cluster Group meeting.


27th of September 2017, Duck Inn Willowgrove $25.00 a head.

We will work out carpooling, suggest you contact some to go with if you do not wish to drive. 

It will be a Pizza Day and there will be plenty of food  includes tea/coffee.

 Adam is the manager,  The business is owned by the same person that owns the Noojee Hotel.  

Thirty-four members enjoyed the trip out to Willow Grove for a shared Pizza meal, with several varieties to choose from, followed by delicious desserts. 

From the noise level it seemed everyone was enjoying the fellowship! 

Many thanks Frank and Margaret.

26th of July, The Downtowner Kath T  helped to run this dine out.  

32 happy members braved the wet and cold day and went to the Downtowner for a delicious lunch. 

Many comments were made about the sweets on how delicious they looked. 

We had an extensive menu for the main course and the choice seemed to make everyone very happy. I can comment on how good the Porterhouse steak was cooked.

Many thanks to Kath.

17th July 2017, at La Passion Warragul. 14 very happy members braved the cold and wet and all met at the La Passion Cafe in Warragul for large enjoyable meals, many of us were observed to be taking home doggy bags. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

24th May 2017,  at the Pakenham Hotel,. The Bistro click here. 

Members found their way to Pakenham and the hotel car park was very convenient. 

The hotel provided a tasty lunch with several options in the Seniors Menu – Mains and Desserts The Menu click here., with excellent service. 

We had a quiet corner of the dining room which was soon full of chatter amongst the members. Thanks for a great choice of venue Frank!

This Dine out 22 March 2017, was Elaine's last Dine out to organise for a while.

22nd March 2017, Guiseppi’s Ripplebrook Winery,  


On Wednesday, 22nd March, over 30 members happily converged on this very attractive winery. We were welcomed by the Winery’s owner, Catena and her partner Cam. 

The attentive Bar Tender was Alain (a Frenchman) and Harvey, the Cook, was ably assisted by Jianpiero (an Italian). After a very enjoyable tasting of this winery’s Chardonnay range, we also tried their Pinot Noir, Merlot, 100 Days and their special vintage - “Giuseppe’s Daughters”. By this time, everyone was extremely relaxed and ready for the excellent meal, which consisted of Cicchetti (entrée), Pizza and dessert. 

We all had a delightful day and many members will remember this day as being one of satisfaction – good company, good wines and good food. 

Thanks to Elaine for selecting such a wonderful venue.


Owner and Italian Cook

All paying attention to Cattina's talk about the wine.







25th January, Christmas in the Park was as usual in Civic Park Warragul

Elaine was at  the shelter reserving it for us early in the evening.

30 members attented most had picnic food and enjoyed it, a few members used the exceptionally clean electric barbecues. It was a perfect evening for the picnic. Everyone appeared to enjoy them selves. After eating many members were singing a dancing to Alan Tatlow's wonderful music, assisted by Jim's Harmonica playing.

See a slide show of the Picnic, Click here.

Thank you again for organising this Picnic.

7th December, Christmas Lunch at the Black Tie.  

89 Happy members arrived early and were all chatting to each other very well.

Most people had there photos taken when they were welcomed into the foyer.

We eventually all sat down at our tables which were extremely well decorated.

Our President Chris O'B MC'ed the meal. 

On the big TV we had showing quietly a DVD of some of the activities that our club has done over the years.

Jim B said a very moving Grace prior to the meal.

At about 12:30 the meals started to be served by Andrew and staff, they were Ham, Roast Turkey and Roast Pork

We all brought a gift with us.  These gifts were collected by Captain Waller from the Salvos. The Salvos will distribute these gifts to the needy. 

Ron V, amused us with some very funny jokes.

Desert was Christmas pudding with Ice cream. I only heard very good reports on the meals.

Every one had a good chat and sounded happy.    

To view a YouTube Slideshow of the Photos taken at the Black Tie. Click here.

Black Tie # 2 2016.




23rd November, our activities in Morwell. 


Bev's Wonder World of Dolls and lunch at the Morwell Bowling Club.

On the 23rd of November eighteen Probus Tarago members and three guests from Warragul Ranges and Frazer, Faye and Ron's five year old grandson travelled to Morwell for a visit to Airlie Bank Gallery which featured Bev's World of Dolls.

Bev Loraine showed off her extensive collection of heritage dolls which has become a tourist attraction in Morwell.

Bev loves her dolls that she has collected from around the world, are all named and become part of her family .

We were divided into two groups and after an hour of looking at the dolls we swapped with the other group who had enjoyed a delicious  home made morning tea prepared by Bev, and listened to a very interesting talk about Airlie Bank's history. Now heritage listed with a rural connection to the original Airlie Bank homestead built for David Ogilvy Senior, in Punt Road Melbourne and later Airlie Mansion in Domain Road, built for widow Elizabeth Ogilvy.

The property was purchased in 1879, 33 the Boulevard Morwell  and the Homestead was built in 1880 by Elizabeth Ogilvy for her eldest son David who was about to be married. The Ogilvy's later moved to Poowong.

We then went to Morwell Bowling Club for a delicious lunch followed by a drive around the rose garden because it was raining.

Thank you Elaine for another well organised day.

Helen H.

To see a Youtube slide show of some of our activities on the day, Click here.

17 October 2016,


14 very happy members attended our local cluster meeting at Function Centre at the Golf Club. 

Drouin Probus Club were the organisers this year. 

The total number of people attending was 170 that is 30 more than last year.

The Clubs were:

Warragul Probus inc, Warragul Tarago Probus Inc, Warragul Baw Baw Probus Inc, Warragul Ranges Probus Inc, Trafalgar & District Probus Inc, Drouin Hills Combined Probus Inc, Drouin Combined Probus inc and Bunyip - Garfield Combined Inc.

The many tables were very well arranged filling 2 of the big rooms the divider was folded away. The decorations were all red this is because we are celebrating the 40th year of Probus in Australia.

People came in gradually mostly wearing something red, it is amazing how many of these people that I know.

Alan Clark's jazz quartet came in and setup, ready to play background music for us. Alan is recovering from heart surgery and this is his first gig after his surgery. They still play rather well.

The MC for today was Alan Seabrook,

Alan gave a very interesting opening speech and then handed the mike over to Graham Begg the Rotary District Chairman who also gave us another very interesting speech.

We had lunch a choice of Fish and Chips and alternately Chicken Schnitzel, both meals were very large, but they were excellent. 

We then had prizes drawn we each had a raffle ticket on the table. The prizes were gift vouchers to local businesses.

Next came the Desert Sticky date pudding or Lemon Tart both were generous serves.

After a little while talking our Guest speaker Garry Blackwood our state member for Narracan came and spoke about local issues, he then asked for questions and he answered some very touchy questions very tactfully.

Probus Club attendances were Drouin Probus 59, Drouin Hills 27, Warragul Baw Baw 18, Trafalgar 15, Warragul Tarago 15, Warragul 15, Garfield Bunyip 9, Warragul Ranges 3.



Link to YouTube to see a short Video of this Cluster Meeting.

Link to last years Cluster meeting Newspaper report.


14 October 2016,

20 very happy members visited Sue and John's house on a perfect spring day. They had kindly invited our Club out to inspect their large and faultless garden. We all wandered around looking in amazement at the quality and quantity and choice of plants, it is a credit to both of them.

We were not there to inspect the spacious house but we could not help but see it, and comment on it, it suited the garden.

After a little while we all gathered around for a cuppa and cakes, and of course a talk.

Thanks again Sue and John.


28th September 12 Noon Railway Hotel Warragul. Seniors Menu Soup and Main Menu coffee or tea included, other drinks extra.

Forty enthusiastic members and Dine - Out devotees; gathered at the refurbished  Railway Hotel Warragul, on Wednesday 28th of

September to enjoy a two course luncheon.

Elaine D, had spent months organising this outing. It is therefore disappointing that the standard was not what Elaine had expected or experienced on her previous visits.

Starting with the seating arrangements which  needed to be more spacious to allow for people to move about more freely and the

serving of the food easier.  Elaine had raised the issue of the seating with the management at the  time of booking; and was assured that in the event of a large group, seating would be spread out into the main dining area to allow this to occur. Of course it wasn’t! “ Murphy’s Law “The two course meal consisted of soup and main selected from  the

Seniors menu, tea /coffee or a glass of wine /soft drink.

Personally, I really enjoyed my choice of the Vegetarian  Risotto.

However I do believe those who selected the fish, especially the grilled were disappointed with the tiny portion on offer.

This did not deter the wonderful chatter and laughter up close and personal that was enjoyed by our members on a beautiful sunny day.

Thank you Elaine by Joan L.

Most of the Diners.

Chicken Schnitzel.

Jan's Birthday Cake.

27th July 12 Noon, Silvers Grill 3 Hazelwood Road, Morwell Victoria 3840 Christmas in July

Christmas in July Luncheon, was held at Silvers Restaurant Morwell.

35 Members and friends attended.

The food was delicious and plentiful, everyone went home satisfied and relaxed.

However over in one corner it was very noisy they were having a great time.


25th May 12 Noon, Morwell Bowling Club  

27 Members drove up to the Morwell bowling club, we were all quickly seated and were all talking happily.

The Club was a little busy because the room that we were to have had to be used for a wake.

The menus were circulated we had to write our names on them and tick our choices, the choices should have pleased every one.

The food was brought out quickly and we were soon quite eating it. The main meal sizes were sensible and delicious.

After the main meal the deserts were delivered, these were VERY big servings.

A good time another excellent meal thanks to Elaine.

27 Of our members ready for their meal..

Believe me this was a huge serve of Lemon Meringue Pie.

23rd March  Neerim South Hotel  49 happy members attended and enjoyed a delicious choice of Seniors meals. Full report is on its way watch this space


27th of January Picnic in the Park 4:30 PM.

Back ground music 6 PM to 7 PM. Alan Douglas a Guitarist / Singer.

On Wednesday the 27th of January we had our Annual Picnic in the Park. 35 Members attended.

The forecast was for Hot, sultry weather, with a chance of a thunderstorm. When we all started arriving at the park, it was very overcast and very humid. Several of our members were checking the radar maps on their phones.

Elaine had put posters up to advise that the Rotunda was reserved for our function ,so thankfully we were undercover.

Our entertainment for the evening was Alan Douglas, a very talented guitarist/singer. Alan entertained us for around an hour with great music. The kind we all knew the words to when we were teenagers. We sang (or some of us did) , and danced. It was great.

The rain eventually came tumbling down. The ducks on the pond loved it. The Galahs and Cockatoos created an incredible noise. Probably enjoying the downpour too.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. Thank you Elaine for once again arranging another great outing, with our happy, friendly group of friends. Otherwise know as the Warragul Tarago Probus Club. 


View our Movie of the Picnic Click Here.


2nd of December The Black Tie, 12 Noon, Christmas party. 94 very happy members and friends attended.

These people were all personally welcomed by Joan L in the foyer most were photographed especially the couples.

Kath and Elaine Mck sat in the foyer, checking people in and organising the financial part of the day, some people still had to pay for the day and some were given refunds for an activity that had to be changed.

The rooms and were wonderfully decorated, I guess that Elaine had a hand in the decorating.

On the big TV we had showing quietly a DVD of some of the activities that our club has done over the years.

The cake was cut by the Director of Community Services Rotary Patrick O'Brien.

Jim B said a very moving Grace prior to the meal.

At about 12:30 the meals started to be served by Andrew and staff, they were Ham, Roast Turkey and Roast Pork

We all brought a gift with us.  These gifts were collected by Captain Waller from the Salvos. The Salvos will distribute these gifts to the needy. 

Desert was Christmas pudding with Ice cream. I only heard very good reports on the meals.

2 Christmas cakes have been kindly made and decorated by our Faye. THANKS FAYE. Every one shared a piece of the delicious cake for afternoon tea.

Every one had a good chat and sounded happy.   You can view a slide show of photos taken at The Black clicking on the blue text.

27th of November Fish & Chips 5:45 PM, 15 of our members attended and enjoyed another meal of fish and chips, some were grilled but most were fried. They then had the raffle, and sadly only one of us won a prize this time. We all had a good chat and then Jim served us ice cream and fruit salad.

28th of October, Sorelle Italian Bistro and Bar 12 Noon, adjacent to the Warragul Taxi rank. View a very short movie of some of the people that attended.  

On Wednesday 28th October, 2015, 30 Probus Members met at Sorelle, the Italian Bistro/Bar in Smith Street Warragul at 12 noon for lunch.

The Décor of this restaurant is very well done and the colour scheme appeals to those of us who support Collingwood F.C.!

We fitted into a compact area which made it difficult for serving food, however the staff coped very well.

We had a choice of three main meals – Aged Angus beef fillet, with peppercorns and onion rings, chicken slices filled with thyme, proscutto and reggiaro, or

vegetarian Gnocchi.

I personally chose the beef fillet and had more than enough and it was very well presented.

The choice of sweets consisted of Rhubarb & White Chocolate tart, Tiramisu or Affogato/Frangelico

It was a lovely social outing with plenty of chatter going on, with most having a very enjoyable meal.

The staff were very attentive and obliging.

We would, I am sure, like to say a great big thank you to Elaine D for another well organised dineout.

Jim B.

26th of August, Silver’s Grill, 3/5 Hazelwood Road Morwell  

Thirty members attended the luncheon organised for Wednesday 26th August at Silver’s Grill, Hazelwood Road, Morwell. Everyone arrived on time and were welcomed at the door by Elaine D. The restaurant’s large red walled dining room which included the bar was inviting and spotlessly clean. Red and black was the main theme - dark carpet, black table cloths, red serviettes and floral decorations on every table. Soft lighting and brightly coloured pictures on the walls added to the warm ambience of the room.

A selection of four mains and four sweets were on the menu and orders placed with the waiter. After a short time the selected meals which were freshly prepared all arrived at the same time. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their main course which was perfectly cooked and beautifully presented on warm plates.

A slightly longer wait for the sweets, but plenty of chattering and laughter filled the gap. Again all sweets delicious and attractively presented in typical ‘masterchef’ style. After coffee and tea and prior to everyone leaving a request was made for the two chefs to come out from the kitchen. The two young chefs gracefully accepted the accolades given them in recognition of their expertly cooked and presented meals.

This was a lovely day out enjoyed by everyone in attendance with the gold star of the day going to Elaine for another successful dine out.

Pauline D.

Slide Show of Photos taken at Silvers.

24th June Gipsy Creek Winery, Casual choose from the lunch menu  

Warragul Probus Dine Out, 25th June Nickelby Darnum then Music Village Darnum.

25th of March 12 Noon, Yarragon Hotel 40 happy members attended and enjoyed a wonderful meal and had a great chat.

Click here to see a movie of those that went.

28th of January 2015, from 4:30 PM. Elaine arrived at 4 PM. Picnic in the Park, Civic Park Warragul We took our own EVERYTHING. Food drinks Mosquito repellent Chairs. Kath was our DJ providing quite background Fifties & Sixties music and songs. 45 members enjoyed a Picnic in the park. The weather was fine and sunny, although there was a cool breeze. Everyone brought their own chairs, and there were a few picnic tables as well. Some members used the BBQ, some brought sandwiches & salads, while others brought Pizza, and Fish and Chips. We all enjoyed a very pleasant and relaxing couple of hours.

3rd December 2014, Our Christmas dinner was at the Black Tie. 101 happy members attended and enjoyed a wonderful 2 course meal Elaine and Andrew did a wonderful job. We all took along wrapped gifts which we donated them to Captain Waller of the Salvos to be given to the needy. Click here to view a slide show of it.

26th of November  Kings Arms Neerim South 53 Probus members attended lunch at the King’s Arms Hotel Neerim South and we had a beautiful lunch.

The room had lovely Christmas decorations all around and it looked splendid. The vibe in the room from members felt happy, relaxed and friendly, much chatting and laughter could be heard.

Lots on the menu to choose from so I am sure there was something for everyone to pick from and enjoy.

Just a couple of samples......Vegetable soup to start, then a choice of the main that was many and varied

Chicken Kiev, Lambs Fry, Roast of the day Pork, Chunky beef pie, to name just a few, sweets - there were many to choose from - Bread and Butter Pudding, Apple Crumble – always a favourite, Brandy Snap fruit baskets,

Lemon Cheesecake, oh gee if you couldn’t find something there to enjoy well --- say no more !!!

Tea and Coffee was supplied to help yourself as many time as you wanted to.

The staff were under pressure to get all this wonderful food out to us and did a good job – thank you.

Everyone I spoke to agreed that lunch was very, very enjoyable!

Elaine you’ve done it again found us a terrific place for lunch ---- thank you.

Margaret P.   See a slide show of the people present.


16 of our Club Members attended the "Day Out" held at 'Danny's The Venue', in Warragul. Overall, 212 attended from 8 surrounding Clubs.

The day was hosted by Warragul Ranges and compered very capably by Michael Sayer.

All entertainment, except for one, was provided by local Probus Members and included jokes, poetry, a western play, classical and folk music.

We enjoyed scones for morning tea and a delicious carvery lunch and dessert to follow.

All in all a great day out of fun, laughter and friendship.

Elaine McK.

25th Sept 2014, The Dog House Bar & Bistro. (UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT).

Slide show of Photos taken at the Dog House 25/09/14.

We had an extensive to choose from, click here to check it out.  

A group of 38 of our members drove out to Warragul South to the Dog House Bar & Bistro (on the Wild Dog property). This was upstairs, but everyone negotiated the stairs well. It was very hot up there but after Jim got the windows open it was very comfortable. We had a choice of meals - Flat Head Tails with chips and salad, Warm Chicken Salad, or Lamb Shanks and Vegetables. The Lamb Shanks were the most popular by far. Dessert was Golden Syrup Dumplings, Vanilla Cheese Cake, or Chocolate Pudding. Most people wanted the Dumplings. We had plenty of time to talk about just about everything. And everyone appeared to have a good time. Have a look at the photo slide show of the people that attended on our click here. Well done arranging this meal Elaine D.

23rd July, Christmas in July at the Warragul Railway Station Refreshment rooms. (Next to where our walking group meets). 

60 of our members attended this very happy dine-out in the lovely dining room at the station--Waratah Restaurant. The tables were decorated with Christmas colours of red and green and looked very pretty. We were treated to a wine or soft drink on arrival, then settled down for main course of either roast Turkey Breast with vegetables or Roast Beef Ribeye with vegetables, served alternately and I know that both meals were top quality and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at our table. There was also a vegetarian option of vegetable and nut strudel but I did not see this and cannot comment on how people enjoyed this meal. After main course, Lesley brought forward a "pass the parcel" and when this was passed around it caused much hilarity as we learned who had brown eyes, blue eyes, a nail file in their handbag, who did volunteer work, liked fishing, had on black shoes and lots more, finishing with who had the most grandchildren-17.
Dessert then followed, alternate drop of Traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Anglaise and Ice-cream or Rich Almond Tart with Butterscotch Sauce and Ice Cream, both very yummy.
Lesley then produced another "pass the parcel". Well done Lesley and whoever else was responsible for all the effort involved in wrapping these two parcels, we all appreciate your work.
Tea and Coffee was served with little Petit Fours to finish off a most enjoyable lunch.
Special thanks to Elaine for your organisation of this event, everyone appreciates all the work you do to ensure everything is just right. Jean S. Click here for the photo. Click here for Joan's photo slide show.

 28th of May, Daizies Steak House.  

Today 30 of our Probus members met at Daizies on the South Road Warragul, for a very enjoyable luncheon .
Roast beef with all the trimmings, or Chicken curry and noodles were enjoyed by all. 2nd helpings were available if needed.
Dessert was either Chocolate Mud cake and ice cream, or Strawberry roll and ice cream.
It was lovely and warm, and the cheerful atmosphere added to a very pleasant day.=

23rd  April 2014, Lunch at Westbury.

Met at Bourke Street at 11 am for 11.15 start. Weather was perfect. After pooling cars, we travelled to Westbury via Moe to the home of Wanda and Neil Tresidder. On arriving we were seated at beautifully set tables. Wanda and the ladies of The Inner Wheel Club provided a Gala Italian Luncheon consisting of soup, Mediterranean chicken, herb lamb meatballs, cassata and tiramisu finishing with after dinner mints, tea and coffee. The fifty Probus members who attended all agreed it was an excellent day. Shirley P.

See a slide show of all the happy people that attended.

Another Westbury slide show Faye kindly took some more Photos.

January 23 2014 Picnic in the park, Civic park twilight picnic started at 4 PM. We brought our own  food and drink and a Rug or Chair to sit on. The weather was mild and fine, 42 members all set up under a big Oak tree. Some of our members went over to the shelter and cooked the meat on the barbecue. Everyone had a good chat and consumed what they liked. Click here to see a slide show of some of the happy people that attended.

December 4th 2013,  We had our Christmas Dinner at the Black Tie.  Each member took along a small adult present valued at about $10.00. They were wrapped and had an attached note saying for male or female and a description of its contents. These were picked up at the dinner by Chris Waller of Salvos, and they will give them to needy people.  The Christmas meal was excellent and was speedily served. Andrew and his wonderful hard working team looked after about 110 of us wonderfully. I only heard comments about the dinner that were very positive. Because Faye and Ron had both been away Elaine D did a wonderful job of co-ordinating it, and also she handled a much of the table decorations. At this dinner many door prizes were won most of which were bottles of wine donated by Wild Dog Winery. Kevin Q baked us a Christmas cake and everyone received at least 1 piece of Christmas cake. Kevin Q also conducted a Melbourne Cup sweep. Click here to view a YouTube slideshow from this party.

October 23rd 2013, 59 of us went for Lunch at the Yarragon Hotel. 2 Course lunch including self serve tea and coffee.  The menu. 2 Soups are served alternately . Cream of Cauliflower and Cream of Pumpkin .
Main ( order taken on the day )
Roast Pork- served with garlic mash potato, steamed greens, gravy, apple sauce and crackle. or
Chicken Parmigiana- served with garlic mash and steamed greens. or
Fish and Chips - served with garden salad, steakhouse chips, house made tartare sauce and fresh lemon. or
Bangers and Mash- beef sausages, mashed potato, steamed greens and lashings of gravy. Click on the link to right the view the slide show Yarragon Hotel October 2013

June 27 2013, Thursday 12:00 Noon Traralgon Vineyard  at 140 Burnets Road Traralgon  two Course lunch had a choice of 6 mains and 6 deserts. Some of us went up and came back on the Train using our free rail passes and then were taken to the Vineyard with the Wineries courtesy bus from the Traralgon railway station. The owners and waitresses were very friendly and helpful, the meals were excellent. The icing on the cake was the guided tour of the Cellar. Have a look at the Photos by clicking here. Try our Slide Show by clicking here.

April 24th 2013, 68 very happy members and friends visited the newly refurbished tea rooms at the Warragul Railway Station. It was an eye opener, the quality of the renovations is first class. We started with alternate meals mains of lamb shanks and chicken parcels and then sweets of lemon tart or chocolate pudding.  wine, coffee and tea were complementary. We were their first customers. The meals were prepared by a Chef, not students. This was Elaine D's last job as our Dine outs leader, after 4 years hard work she deserves a rest. Thanks Elaine. Why not click here to go to our photos page. Apart from looking at the people have a look in the background of the  photos at the leadlight windows and roof trusses, you possibly won't see the floor but it also was amazing.

February 27th 2013, We met at Willowgrove. At the The Grove on Willow  we had  alternate servings of  chicken schnitzel, fish & chips and poast pork, then alternate sweets summer pudding and icecream and banana crepes with cream, this price included get yourself, tea or coffee. Special drinks were extra cost, no alcohol was available at that time.  Go to our photos page to see Faye's photos from her new Ipad.

December 5th. We had Christmas Dinner at the Black tie 90 Alfred Street Warragul (Formerly the Elizabethan). The meal was a 2 course one with all the trimmings any drinks we had to pay for except tea and coffee. As per usual each person brought along a small gift value about $10:00 marked male or female, the Salvation Army's Capt Geoff Waller came along to collect them, and thanked us. About 100 people came along to enjoy themselves.  See some photos supplied by Faye.

October 31st, Berwick Inn   About 30 of us travelled down under our own steam to meet at the Inn at 12:00 noon. Our meals were pre-ordered and were eventually served to us. After the meal several of us met across the road for a cappuccino. Joan sent me 3 Photos of the people at the meal to see them click on Photo.

August 22nd,  about forty probians headed for Luciano’s in Drouin for a luncheon consisting of a choice of warm chicken salad, lamb salad, pollo fettuccine, spaghetti marinara, vegetarian rigatoni or risotto Lombardi. Included in the lunch was a dessert selected from an extensive and generous set of choices.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the company.

Thanks to Elaine D for arranging this lovely lunch outing. ~Nick.

August 16th, Probus Cluster Group annual dinner was at Gumbuya Park Garfield. 137 of our members are going to be very disappointed because they could not attend. Only 13 of our members attended. 7 groups from our area attended, with a  total of 257 Probus people there. Click here to go to our photo page to view photos of some of our happy members. Morning tea was home made scones with jam and cream, tea and coffee provided. Lunch was a delicious meal of either roast beef or fish. This meal was hot and quickly served. It was also correctly cooked and tasted delicious. Afternoon tea was fruit damper. We were entertained by very amusing bush poetry. Tractor trailer rides were had around the property, and the zoo and aviary were very interesting. We met many people from other clubs in all it was an excellent day.

May 23rd, About 40 of us went to Lady Lavender Tea Rooms 3085 Princes Hwy Bunyip 5629 6217. Menu soup was wonderful Butternut Pumpkin then for the  main meal we could choose from the menu. The choose was from a wide range of foods every one appeared happy with what they chose. We had plenty of room and the restaurant did not seem very noisy even with so many people in it. Look at the photos that Joan took.

March 28th, Outpost Inn, Noojee, lunch. 45 of us went out to Noojee Outpost Inn we were greeted with a rustic shed that was made up to look very old. Inside the shed we had enough room and were very comfortable. The meals were VERY large and wonderfully cooked, everyone appeared to enjoy them selves. For a couple of Photos click here.

January 25th 2012,  Thirty-two Probians descended on Rosco's Shed, Cafe Bar & Providore. (The place was the very same place the club had been to some years earlier, but was then under different ownership and known as Jack's.) This time the meal was bountiful with herb and garlic bread for starters. For mains I said I wanted a crocodile sandwich; and “to make it snappy!” They didn’t have one because the mains meal was either chicken or fish or steak each served with chips and salad (lovely). For dessert there was cheesecake or chocolate cake or custard cake (I think). There was no skimping on quantity and if anyone went home hungry they must have had worms! For those who wanted coffee there was the option of buying the usual range of cappuccino, latte or flat white etc. The weather was kind with neither heat wave nor rain to spoil the day.
Thanks to Elaine for researching and organising this pleasant lunch outing.

December 7th 2011, Christmas lunch at Elizabethan Warragul, about 120 of our members attended. Some of them were dressed in Christmassy clothes. The Elizabethan people had it all decorated really well. We had plenty of room the meal was plentiful and correctly cooked. Everyone brought along a small gift. The representative from the Salvation Army Mr Daniel Templeman Twells came and collected the gifts and thanked all of us. A representative from Rotary Frank Beavis and his wife Margaret came a gave us a small talk. Everyone went home happy at about 3 PM. Christmas Photos.

Thursday 27th, November thirty-seven Probians and guests descended on this specialty cafe. They enjoyed either pumpkin or vegetable soup followed by tapis for lunch (meat balls, herbed potatoes, rice type balls, salads etc.) and then had the option of paying for a varied selection of delicious desserts. Those who were game tried a snack of six snails ("escargot") served in either garlic butter or a selection of herbs. They were presented in a special dish with six snail size “egg cup” depressions arranged in a circle. I must say snails made a nice change from fast food! As well as farming snails Cafe Escargot also makes and sells magnetic jewellery (which some believe will ease aches and pains if warn close to the body). Inspecting the actual snail farm was most enlightening, and when it came to guessing the correct age of the gum tree Geoff H was correct with fifty years. Elaine correctly guessed the age of the stag fern (110 years). It was a beautiful day weather-wise; making the trip there and back all the more enjoyable. Thanks Elaine for arranging a wonderful and unique outing for us!

September 14th, Cuckoo Restaurant, Olinda. We travelled on a Bus from Burke Street. A full bus of 56 members with some members following in cars left Warragul heading for the Cuckoo Restaurant, on the way a visit was made to the Berwick Pottery where some purchases were made, following morning tea we continued onto Mt Dandenong where a tasty smorgasbord lunch was had at the Cuckoo Restaurant complete with entertainment, a pleasant return trip to Warragul completed a very enjoyable Dine Out.

August 25th,  Wings & Fins at Tooradin Airport for lunch. 30 members took part in this dine out enjoying a tasty meal that was efficiently served, the weather was poor and many were disappointed at the lack of aircraft activity

July 19th, Lardner Park Local Probus clubs met for a Cluster meeting, about 500  attended for a 2 course meal. John Blackman was the entertainment and Ethelwyn Kent  played her Harp. 

June 22nd , Koonwarra Fine Food & Wine Store. A group of 38 members travelled  to Koonwarra for lunch at the Fine Food & Wine Store.

March 24th, Dine-out at In 2 Food, Warragul two course meal chosen from menu, includes glass wine or a drink. 

March 16th, after our AGM the Committee bought us a finger food lunch. Everyone appeared to enjoy it, and there was plenty left over.

January 27th 2011, we went to Mira Mira . We started our amazing tour at 11:30 AM.  After that we had a very generous wonderful 3 course lunch.

December 15th 2010,   John and Ros Rogers had a Christmas garden party   at their home at Hamiltons Road , Ellinbank,   Members brought a plate of food.   About 60 people attended and enjoyed themselves John & Ros had 5 raffles and 5 people went home with the prizes. The weather forecast was not good but the weather was kind to us. 

December 2nd, About 115 members and friends had a Christmas lunch at the Elizabethan Restaurant. Many people brought along there music CD's that they are tired of to donate to the Moe Jazz club. They are going to use them to sell as a fund raiser. Every member that came brought along a small gift that was donated to the Salvos, so that they could donate them to the needy.  

November 25th, About 45 of us went to the Gipsy Creek Winery that evening. We started with nibblies and then had a wine tasting of wines grown and produced on the property, it was then followed by a VERY leisurely dinner. The evening was finished off with a song sung by their daughter (sorry have forgotten her name maybe some one will remind me). it was called "Stand by Me".

September 30th, we went to Trafalgar  to have a banquet meal at a the Natural Garden Chinese Restaurant. BYO drinks or could have purchased them extra.

July 29th, we had a 2 course lunch at Middel’s Tapas bar in Drouin. Matt Middel is the grandson of Horst Middel.

May 28th, 40 0f our happy members boarded the Hazelwood coach at Burke Street Park. We stopped near the Shrine of Remembrance for morning tea. 

Photo Link WASP's Nest in a tree near the Shrine.

Then we were dropped in Nicholson Street behind Parliament House, and walked around the front and up the steps.
We were all given a security check. Surprisingly enough none of us was carrying anything offensive. 
After that we were guided into the magnificent Vestibule with its 23 carat gold trimmings, it has to be seen to be believed.We were met by our member Garry Blackwood and 2 of his helpers, who gave us a talk about the history of Parliament house, then Garry told us about what he does on a day to day basis. We then went through to the Queens Hall and were split into 2 groups of 20. Our group were taken through to the upper house (Legislative Council Chamber). We seated ourselves around the comfortable red seats and were told about the chamber and its activities. Next were guided through to the Lower house (Legislative Assembly Chamber) and seated ourselves in the comfortable green seats and were told about the activities of the lower house. Garry then asked for any questions without notice, which he duly answered. By this time it was lunchtime and we were shown into the dining room and after a few drinks were served 5 vegetables and chicken with hollandaise sauce. For desert we had a form of bread and butter pudding with custard, after that we had teas and coffees. On our way out we inspected the Libraries. All of this had to be seen to be believed. 
We then wandered out to Nicholson Street and boarded our coach and were taken to the Old Cheese Factory at 34 Homestead Road Berwick. We strolled around and inspected the very old well kept buildings and gardens, whilst the staff prepared our afternoon tea. We then  seated in the old cheese room and were served tea and coffees of our choice, with scones, jam and cream. Wonderful but very filling. We then all struggled into the coach and returned home. 
All agreed we had a great day. 
Thank you for arranging it Elaine and Mark.

May 6th, JEAN’S MORNING TEA.  After a damp start, the sun did shine on Jean Kydd's patio where Probus members and friends were enjoying a relaxing, social morning coffee.  As usual, the food was delicious and Jean's garden was picture perfect.    Jean kindly donated four lucky door prizes.   Many thanks, Jean.  (Veronica)

March 25th, we went to The Gilded Lily Restaurant and Bar 35 Victoria Road Loch. 

Following story by Veronica Q.

What a treat was in store for members. Perfect weather, lovely food and great company. Over fifty members made the journey over to Loch Village to dine out at the Gilded Lily Restaurant. It was a glorious day for the pleasant drive across to the restaurant where we were greeted with nibbles before taking our seats at the table. Salmon, lamb, chicken and vegetarian wrap were beautifully presented. The talk died to a murmur as people enjoyed their meal. The selection of three different desserts on a plate were quickly demolished. The quaint shops in the little town were open to have a browse or make a purchase before the journey home. Well done Elaine! 

February 4th, Marilyn & Ross D.  invited us all to a morning tea at  Kookaburra Court. 

January 28th 2010, About forty Probians went to Glenfyne Gardens south of Drouin. The weather was warm and pleasant and there were no mossies to detract from the enjoyment of the meal, although the food choice was a little limited (pasta or pasta). After the meal diners wandered around the spacious gardens and the quaint old-fashioned church. Italian background music added a continental flavour to the night. It was a pleasant evening for all those who attended and most of the diners had left for home by about 7:30 pm. Thanks go, of course, to Elaine for all the preparation for another successful dine-out.


December 2nd 2009, 83 of our members came to our Christmas dinner at the Elizabethan restaurant. Everyone brought along an adult present These presents were presented to our local captain of the Salvation Army Mr Daniel Templeman Twells who came along to our meeting. He is to see to it that they are distributed to needy people in our area. We also had as a guest at the dinner the local Rotary president Geoff  Chilver & his wife Monique. 

To see photos of the Christmas dinner click on this text.

November 25th,  A small group of 12 members attended the luncheon at the Marquay Restaurant. The two course meal was very tasty and well presented and delicious sweets were followed by coffee. The setting was ideal enabling all members joining together in interesting discussions on varying topics of conversation.

Excellent food, terrific venue, fantastic company and wonderful chats. Very enjoyable. By Helen G.

September 24th, we went to Red Parrot Cafe Noojee. for a delicious 2 course meal It was a wonderful afternoon sitting in the comfortable restaurant looking out at the rain coming down in the trees and being served by the very friendly staff including the chef. 

July 23rd,  we went to the Thai Restaurant  56 Queen Street Warragul for a different delicious dinner.


September 2007, The weather was kind for the trip to the Dandenongs on September 27th. We all earned "brownie points" by being on time with the bus able to depart at 8.30am, stopping at Drouin to pick up some members. On arrival at Tesselars, everyone made a "bee line" for a welcome cuppa and biscuit before setting off to "tip toe through the tulips" The tulip display was just a glorious mass of colour; a joy to walk through. Many bulbs were purchased. we were able to enjoy the sunshine and musical entertainment provided by a Dutch couple. At noon, we rejoined the bus for ä short drive to the Cuckoo and a smorgasbord lunch. Once again we were entertained with music and singing. The journey home was "quiet", as members struggled to keep awake. A great day of fellowship, fun and food. (Veronica Q).

April 2007, The Dine-Out Group had another happy day, 41 members attended and very much enjoyed morning tea at Tarago Reservoir picnic grounds and then lunch at the Out Post in Noojee. Thanks to Barbara once again for her wonderful organising. 

Thanks also to Graeme and Margaret H for opening their home to a small group of members to marvel at Graeme's very talented woodwork and Margaret's Art Work, as some of our members were involved with Farm World on that day Graeme is keen to hold another morning in the near future, so hopefully more members can attend


William Angliss

On Thursday, 28 th June, 33 members travel led to Federation Square where we had the option of viewing the Australian Impressionism Exhibition or taking a walk through the CBD. Feedback from those who viewed the exhibition indicated that it was well worth the visit. At lunchtime we went to the William Angliss Institute where a very enjoyable four course buffet meal was prepared and served by the students followed by a comprehensive guided tour of the complex which was a learning curve for us all and most were amazed at the area and facilities available to those training in the hospitality industry. Our coach driver was very informative explaining to us the various roadwork's being undertaken as we made our way to Heritage Chocolates at Rowville where we stopped and many of us stocked up with chocolates before returning to Warragul. A wonderful day was had by all (although perhaps a kilo or so heavier by the end of it).

(Margaret S)



SEPTEMBER 28 2006.

Dine-put Group Parnassus Receptions and Vinevards How lucky are we to live in West Gippsland!

43 members met for lunch at Parnassus Receptions and Vineyards. Parnassus is situated in Lardners Track, Drouin East. It is perched on the top of Camp Hill, with sensational views to the Great Dividing Range and Mount Baw Baw. So with a spectacular view, we got down to the serious business of consuming a most delicious lunch, accompanied by local wines. Helena Szedow told us of her hopes and dreams for promoting a wine trail in the area. Great day, great view, great food and great company. Thanks to Barbara A for her usual superb organisation. (Barbara W).


MAY 31 2006, CLUB LUNCHEON GROUP:- Barbara Auldist, our club' s luncheon group co-ordinator arranged for us to have our monthly luncheon at the Mawarra Berry farm in Drouin on the 31st May. Cars left the Burke St car park at 11.30 a.m. and traveled in convoy to the Berry Farm. Upon arrival we were welcomed by our host and quickly served a very tasty soup. The main course consisted of lasagna or egg and bacon pie served with a selection of salads. Tea and coffee were included in the lunch. It was a great outing in a serene country setting and we also learned more about the Mawarra services. Our next monthly dinner outing will be to the Chinese Restaurant in Trafalgar on Thursday

29th June at 12noon, which will also include a chat by the chef on preparing Chinese dishes. If interested in joining in please leave your name with either Jean, Ken or Neil at the back of the meeting room today. If you require transport please give Barbara Auldist.