Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago Inc.


 Probus club #1006155   incorporation number A0047473C

Our Caravan Group.


Our Leader is Bill E, 0407 432 931, ably assisted by Ian C 0427 231 791.

 Our Caravan Group Video 2015 Old.

Organised trips are usually twice a year in off peak times. 


  The groups Yarram visit starts on 7th October and finishes on the 14th and I have reserved 10 powered sites and 14 cabins.  The  park has provided the following comprehensive details and prices.

“Thank you for your inquiry regarding a potential stay at the Yarram Holiday Park.

Group Bookings receive a 10% discount, capped at $50 (subject to conditions).

Group Discount is only applied when booking directly with the park and not online.

G’day Park Members will receive the same discount as well as points towards their profile.

Our communal facilities are as follows:

 Large outdoor / undercover BBQ Area, Outdoor Dining and Fire Pit (wood supplied).

 Large Chess and Connect 4 in BBQ Area.

 Amenities Block including Men’s and Women’s Toilets / Showers, Coin Laundry, TV

Lounge, Small Camp Kitchen.

 Indoor Heated Pool and Spa

 Playground and grassed play areas.

 ‘Gippy Bikes’, Electric Bicycles for Hire

 Pedal Go Karts for Hire (on Park property only).

 Car Parks for overflow vehicles

 Boat Parking (on request and subject to availability).

Group reservations can be made with confirmation and deposits (1st nights Tariff) from attendees 2 months prior to arrival. At 1 month prior to arrival all non-reserved cabins and sites will be released for general bookings (however, should there still be availability your members can still book and receive the discount).

As we are a small Park, we do request final balance to be paid 14 days prior to arrival.

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy :

Please find the below information regarding the Cabins / En Suite Sites and Powered

Sites we have reserved for your group. All quotes are based on a 2 person capacity

and include the 10% discount.


  All our cabins have their own En Suites with shower, toilet and hand basins.

Bedding, Linen and Towels are provided for all beds.

Whilst many cabins have full kitchen facilities, they all have at a minimum: A Kettle, Toaster

and Microwave oven, Table and Chairs plus a Fridge, Pots, Cutlery and Crockery for the

number of guests.

Parking for 1 car is provided for all cabins, additional Car, Boat or Trailer Parking is available

on request and subject to availability.

Pet Friendly Cabins are cabins where pets are permitted inside the cabins. 

Most have small enclosures adjacent to the veranda. These cabins may be booked by people without pets.

Pets are charged at $15 per pet per stay, with a maximum of 3 pets per cabin.

Non-Pet Friendly Cabins are cabins where pets are NOT permitted at any time.

Powered and En Suite Sites are permitted to have pets, although they are not permitted

inside any of the Park Facilities or En Suites.

Prices are quoted for 2 adults per cabin or site. Additional Adults are $15.00 per night

and Additional Children (2-12 years) are $10.00 per night.

Cabin Accommodation – No Pets:

  Deluxe Cabin 2:

2 Adults: $152.86 per night, Total $1070.00

This cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps 5 people. The main bedroom has a queen

bed the second bedroom has one single bed and 1 set of bunks. The cabin has

heating and air conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee

pod machine, full sized electric oven and gas cook top, large sized fridge / freezer,

pots, cutlery and crockery for 5 people. The cabin has a couch, table and chairs.

There is ramp access and a small step into the cabin. A small covered front veranda,

a larger shaded side veranda and a car port for one car.

Cabin 59:

2 Adults: $137.86 per night, Total $965.00

This cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 6 people. The main bedroom has a

Queen bed the second bedroom has 2 sets of bunks. The cabin has heating and air

conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee pod machine, full

sized electric oven and gas cook top, medium sized fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and

crockery for 6 people. The cabin has a couch, table and chairs and a small, covered

veranda with a two-seat outdoor setting.

Cabin 60:

2 Adults: $137.86 per night, Total $965.00

This cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 4 people. The main bedroom has a

Queen bed the second bedroom has two Single beds. The cabin has heating and air

conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee pod machine, full

sized electric oven and gas cook top, small sized fridge, pots, cutlery and crockery

for 4 people. The cabin has a couch, table and chairs and a small, covered veranda

with a two-seat outdoor setting.

Cabins 61 and 62:

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

These identical cabins each have two bedrooms and each sleep up to 4 people. The

main bedroom has a Double bed, the second bedroom has one set of bunks (6ft in

length). These cabins have reverse cycle air conditioning, TV and DVD player,

microwave, kettle, toaster, small sized electric oven and electric cook top, large sized

fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 4 people. These cabins have a couch,

table and chairs, and a covered front veranda with outdoor setting.

  Cabin 43:

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

Cabin 43 has an En suite and sleeps 4 people. The main bedroom has a queen bed

(separated from the kitchen / living by a curtain) the second bedroom has two bunks.

The cabin has heating and air conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle,

  toaster, gas cook top, large sized fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 4

people. The cabin has a front veranda with an outdoor setting.

Cabin 1:

2 Adults: $137.86 per night, Total $965.00

Cabin 1 is a 1-bedroom Queen Cabin and sleeps 2 people (2 Adults and 1 Child).

The bedroom has a queen bed, and the lounge has a fold-out sofa bed. The cabin

has heating and air conditioning, a TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster,

coffee pod machine, small electric oven and portable electric cook top, large sized

fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 3 people. The cabin has a couch, table

and chairs. There is a covered veranda with outdoor setting.

  Studio Cabin A:

2 Adults: $107.86 per night, Total $755.00

Studio Cabins have an En suite and sleep up to 3 people. The cabin has a double

bed and a single bed. The cabin has heating and air conditioning, TV and DVD

player, microwave, kettle, toaster, full sized electric oven and gas cook top, large

fridge/freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 3 people. The cabin has a covered

veranda with outdoor setting.

Cabin Accommodation – Pet Friendly:

Pet Friendly Cabin 6: (*Fees & Cond. Apply if bringing a pet).

2 Adults: $162.86 per night, Total $1140.00

This cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 4 people. The main bedroom has a

queen bed the second bedroom has two single beds. The cabin has heating and air

conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster, electric oven and gas

cook top, large fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 4 people. The cabin has

couches and table and chairs. There is a small, enclosed area for pets and a covered

carport for one car.

Pet friendly Cabin 5: (*Fees & Cond. Apply if bringing a pet).

2 Adults: $162.86 per night, Total $1140.00

This cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 5 people. The main bedroom has a

Queen bed the second bedroom has a Double bed. The lounge has a fold out sofa

bed. The cabin has heating and air conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave,

kettle, toaster, coffee pod machine, full sized electric oven and gas cook top, large

sized fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 5 people. The cabin has a couch,

table and chairs.

Pet Friendly Cabins 10 and 11: (*Fees & Cond. Apply if bringing a pet).

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

These cabins have two bedrooms and sleep up to 4 people. The main bedroom has

a double bed, the second room has 2 single beds. The cabin has heating and air

conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster, and electric cook top,

medium sized fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 4 people. The cabin has

a couch and table and chairs with a small, covered veranda with enclosed area for


Pet Friendly Cabin 4: (*Fees & Cond. Apply if bringing a pet).

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

  This cabin has two bedrooms and sleeps up to 4 people. The main bedroom has a

double bed, the second room has 2 single beds. The cabin has heating and air

conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster, and electric cook top,

medium sized fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 4 people. The cabin has

a couch and table and chairs.

  Pet Friendly Cabin 58: (*Fees & Cond. Apply if bringing a pet).

2 Adults: $122.86 per night, Total $860.00

This is a studio cabin with a Queen Bed and sleeps max 2 people. The cabin has

heating, and air conditioning, TV and DVD player, microwave, kettle, toaster and gas

4 burner cook top, medium sized fridge / freezer, pots, cutlery and crockery for 2

people. The cabin has a covered veranda with outdoor setting and fenced area for


Sites: Max 6 People Per Site:

En Suite Powered Sites: x 2

2 Adults: $45.00 per night, Total $315.00

Powered site with private En Suite including shower, toilet and basin.

Camper trailers, Tents and Large vans or motor homes MUST book directly with the Park to ensure suitability of site.

Powered Sites: x 8

2 Adults: $34.20 per night, Total $239.40

Powered Site with water. Most sites are grassed; however, we have some All-

Weather Gravel Sites suitable for Caravans / Motor homes only (no tents). Camper trailers, Tents and Large vans or motor homes MUST book directly with the Park to

ensure suitability of site.

Hope this information proves useful.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 5182 5063.

Further details for the park, each cabin and photos can be found on


Marion and Nigel Shaw

Yarram Holiday Park

375 Commercial Road

Yarram, VIC

03 5182 5063

When booking please mention you are a member of the Probus club to ensure you receive the discount and are placed in the area reserved for our group.

I am presently working on the program for our visit and this will be available once everything is in place.

Regards, Bill E.




Our Happy group on holidays.

Caravan – cabin group April gathering

34 members attended our caravan and cabin week away to Lilydale at the Pinehill caravan park for a variety of activities. The park is nice and owners and staff friendly and helpful.

Even the weather was co-operative with sunny days and cold nights. The park provided free firewood every night so the camp fire was lit around 4.00pm and this served as a meeting point for happy hour at 4.30 and for information about the following day.  

Tuesday saw everyone travel to the Sky-high restaurant atop Mt Dandenong for Devonshire morning tea and views over Melbourne and bay. The scones were large and the cream real. After morning tea the group scattered and travelled to local villages of interest including Olinda, Mt Dandenong and Sassafras for a look around and eventually lunch.

The Chocolatier was the destination for Wednesdays morning tea with hu-u-u-ge scones (twice the size of Sky-high's), coffee and chocolate. 

After morning tea the day was free and some went to Alwyn gardens next door and then on to Healesville for shopping, light lunch and a tour around the area enjoying the autumn colours.  

Thursday was only a short trip to the lovely Chirnside Country Club for morning tea followed by mini golf. The sun came out to make a very pleasant morning and there was lots of fun, laughter, misguided advice, creative scoring and searching for wayward balls. 

A very enjoyable morning followed by lunch at the club. Fridays lunch was at the Warburton Hotel, Wesburn and we all enjoyed a very nice meal. The hotel is very old and has been creatively modernised inside. 

After lunch members travelled to the redwood forest east of Warburton. Very few of us knew of this attraction which consisted of approx. 1500 tall American Sequoia redwood trees planted over a 5 -6 acres area. These magnificent trees were planted by the Board of Works some 90 years ago, as part of a hydrology experiment, with some follow-up plantings in later years. The trees are close together so most were perfectly straight, no side branches, small canopy and around 50 - 60 metres tall.

Saturday was a free day with group B.Y.O. dinner in the park function room in the evening.

Entertainment after dinner was "the marriage game" and volunteer couples were the Humphreys, Quakes and Youngs. 

Lorna C  was quiz master and judges - Margaret E and Ian C. Lots of fun and laughter and all couples were still talking to each other next morning. A great night and great result for the footy match too.

Bill E & Ian C.

See more photos on our photos page click here.


Gold Nugget Tourist Park.'

Twenty-seven members travelled to Bendigo to attend our group visit starting Tuesday 10th October. The freeway system through Melbourne made it an easy road trip with no traffic lights until you enter Bendigo. Road works did not plague the highway either.

First activity was on Wednesday morning with a visit to the Bendigo pottery where we also had morning tea. The weather was perfect so some members walked from the caravan park to the pottery. The pottery is some 150 years old and parts of it still operate. A large portion of the facility is taken up with antique stalls and most of our generation would have used and grown up with some of the merchandise on sale. 

Wednesday afternoon saw most of our group visit the Great Stupa Buddhist complex in Myers Flat, situated on over 100 hectares of land on the outskirts of the city. The Great Stupa is the largest in the western world and home to many holy objects. Most members went on a guided tour through the building where aspects of Buddhists belief were explained and the relevance of holy objects. The guide explained the temple and grounds are still in the development phase and estimated to take another 50 – 100 years to fully complete. An amazing building and project and for some, the highlight of the trip. When you look at the troubles of humanity today it is easy to believe the Buddhist “creed of peace” would be a far better guide to our lives.

 Thursday, Friday and Saturday were set aside to “do your own thing” so we scattered far and wide with some visiting local friends, relatives, the Art Gallery, talking tram ride, Sandhurst Ridge winery, Central Deborah gold mine while others went to Castlemaine and Maldon. The art gallery is a very interesting place with some great old works and some dubious “art” that you would not even hang in your cow shed as it would put your cows off giving up their milk. 

Fortunately the Gallery had a café’ with probably the best coffee in town. On Thursday evening the caravan park hosted a two course dinner in their function centre which consisted of a large shed like building fitted out to be used by large groups. As the weather had become cool and windy the large wood heater kept us comfortable while dining. Sunday group lunch was held at the Botanical Hotel situated next to the Bendigo Botanic Gardens. A very nice lunch was enjoyed by all followed by a walk around the gardens. The gardens cover quite a large area with a variety of flowers and well established trees. Many family groups were picnicking around the grounds. 

On Sunday evening the caravan park provided entertainment in the form of two folk singers during happy hour. They entertained us for approximately 2 hours with popular music from the 1960’s through to the year 2000. Very enjoyable. 

Unfortunately some members had contracted Covid during the week and made the decision to return home early. Happy Hour was held each evening at 4.30 in the function centre and enabled members to mix and share their days experiences. Many thanks to Tony and Denise G for organising a great weeks events in one of Victoria’s oldest cities and historic areas. Unfortunately neither Tony nor Denise were able to attend due to health constraints but the event continued on in the capable hands of Bill and Margaret E. Ian C.

Echuca Moama Riverside Holiday Park -April 2022.

Presentation to Tony. Click Here.

When this goes to print, a happy group of 44 caravan and cabin dwellers will be coming to the close of a week’s visit to Moama. This has been a wonderful place to stay with lots of activities on offer. Tony and Denise certainly did a wonderful job on getting detailed knowledge of Echuca and the surrounding area.


Cruises on the Murray have been both informative and relaxing and Morrison’s winery provided an enjoyable lunch. Visits to surrounding towns and checking out silo art as well as cafes has certainly kept us busy.


Happy Hour has extended to at least 2 happy hours as we all catch up with the happenings of the day and make plans for the next. Saturday night pizza was a great success thanks to Denise and Tony’s innovation. 


Everyone attended a most enjoyable final dinner at the Moama Bowls Club on Sunday evening.


Thanks again to Tony and Denise for all the time and effort you have put in to make this event a great success.


Trip to Merimbula – March 2021


Our Group started to arrive at the Sapphire Valley Caravan Park in Merimbula on Wednesday and gathered that afternoon for our first Happy Hour. Plenty of news and gossip to catch up on by our lot of near forty attendees. We were formerly greeted by Club President Frank, followed by an overview of the week’s Program by our Group Co-Coordinator Tony.


Thursday started with a Pancake Morning Tea, with the day’s weather making a perfect day for touring, with some venturing to Eden, a few to Bega, while others remained locally and enjoyed what was on offer. Happy Hour provided the Group with plenty of light entertainment with a couple of games of Celebrity Heads. The game consists of three participants who have a personality’s name placed on their head and must pose questions to the audience with a “Yes” or “No” response to assist with their correctly guessing that name.


On Friday a small group of twenty visited a local oyster factory/restaurant called Wheelers and were treated to a short talk by the owner, Jackie, followed by a DVD describing how oysters are formed. The highlight of the visit was the tasting that followed, which included oysters served Natural, Kilpatrick and Mornay. The afternoon’s Happy Hour moved to the Camp Kitchen in preparation for the Sausage Sizzle provided by the Caravan Park for a gold coin donation.


Saturday became a day of relaxation, with our Members doing differing exploits taking in the local Producers Market; a walk followed by a visit to a café; the local cinema which was showing The Dry staring Eric Bana or a visit to nearby historical townships. Our Happy Hour moved to the Park’s Fire Pit, however due to the windy conditions we did not have a fire. That evening a few enjoyed Dinner at the local Bowling Club, which featured Lobster Mornay as a Special on their Menu.


With calm conditions on Sunday, a number of us travelled to Eden and enjoyed a 2-hour Cruise around Twofold Bay on the Cat-Balou, followed by a takeaway seafood Lunch from the adjoining on-site caravan café. That night we had our Group Dinner at the Merimbula RSL, which offered a comprehensive menu of Australian, Chinese and Thai cuisines. Yummy!!!!!!


The Longstocking Brewery in Pambula serves fresh oysters and Wood fired Pizzas. This proved too much of a temptation for a number of our Group. Along with a taste of some of their home brews, it made for a beautiful Lunch. The remainder of the Group ventured out to Tura Beach and enjoyed a delightful Lunch there. Happy Hour has always been a favourite and tonight we had a few jokes from Dawn S to liven up our time.

Our final day and our Group once again enjoyed Pancakes for Morning Tea, after which they kept themselves busy with shopping, more eating and prepping for departure the next morning. While a few of our Group left for home to attend to various matters, the Happy Hour was still supported by all those remaining and an opportunity to recap the fun we had during our stay in Merimbula.  



Caravan Group Report – Creswick 30 October to 6 November 2019.

Creswick Calembeen Lake Caravan Park

12 Cushing Avenue, Creswick.  Tel: 03 5345 2411 Railway Parade, Creswick. 

Our Group recently visited the historic town of Creswick, located 122km North-West of Melbourne.

Our plans included a number of activities that would take in a number of local points of interest.

However Mother Nature was to play a part in these plans, with rain and bitterly cold temperatures, we had to forego some of our plans.

We did get to visit the Creswick Woollen Mills and enjoyed an interesting Tour conducted by Michael, outlining the history of the Mill from its foundings in 1947 by Polish migrant, Paul Ryzowy, the various materials they use and items they manufacture, through to their on-site Retail Outlet.

This was followed by a delicious light Lunch.

Our Group Dinner was held at the Farmers Arms Hotel on the Saturday night, which had quite an extensive Menu providing delicious meals to all.

Sunday we ventured to the Daylesford Sunday Market, which featured all the “normal” items that you find at these Markets.

The highlight was a ride on the Heritage Train Ride aboard a 1930’s Motorail, First Class of course. This journey ran from Daylesford to Bullarto and return. The track appears to lack a little maintenance, which was evident from the rough ride we experienced, however the scenery took in farmland, forest and small communities during our one hour return journey.

 With the inclement weather continuing, it was decided to finish our stay with a group Dinner at the local RACV Goldfields Resort. A delightful evening with excellent food. Special thanks to Bob Smethurst for arranging our evening.

 Our time at the Creswick Caravan Park was kept entertaining by the “interesting” locals who call the Park “home”, together with a different way to manage a Caravan Park. But that is another story.

We now look forward to our next adventure.  

2019 Creswick Caravan Trip Farmers Arms Hotel Dinner.

2019 Creswick Caravan Trip RACV Goldfields Resort.

2019 Creswick Caravan Trip Motor Rail.

2019 Creswick Caravan Trip Bullarto Railway Station.

Dawn on the Creswick Caravan trip, ready for the Caravan groups Melbourne cup.

But sadly it rained.



2019   March 28,29,30,31.Nicholson East Gippsland.

The Lakes Bushland Caravan Park was the setting for our Caravan Trip.  Tony and Denise G  had prepared an interesting itinerary for our stay. Some 20 members in vans and cabins toured the local points of interest.  The Caravan Park was in a natural bushland setting with plenty of room to move. 

Each evening we had a roaring fire in the Recreation Hall (Log Hut) where Denise had set up a 1000 piece jigsaw and scrabble for those who needed extra mental stimulation.  Due to the weather, changes were made to the program, but all activities were fitted in..

One of the highlights was the boat trip from Lakes Entrance to Metung where a scrumptious lunch was enjoyed at the Hotel.  Other activities included a visit to Bruthen, picnic lunch at Nyerimilang Heritage Park , evening meal at the Nicholson Hotel where the Chinese cuisine was favoured.  There were visits to wineries and Paynesville and other individual choices.  The golf pitch and put was won by Geoff H.

A happy time was had by all and thanks to Tony and Denise for the interesting program.  The jigsaw still remains a challenge for the next trip away.

Thanks Barbara and Geoff W,

Dinner at Nicholson Hotel.

Lunch at Metung Hotel.

The Nyerimilang Park

The unfinished Jigsaw.

HALLS GAP October 2018,  

The group was based in Stawell , checking in on Thurs. 18th October & checking out on 23rd. October.  Accomodation was at Stawell Grampians Gate Caravan Park, 2 Burgh St. Stawell.  Phone 5358 2376.  ( host Maryanne )

A large contingent of Warragul Tarago Probians ( about 60)headed to Stawell in October to set up camp at the Stawell Grampians Gate Caravan Park. Many of the caravans were parked together with a nicely grassed area and a handy fire-pit, with a good wood-pile, for evening happy hours. Other members were in very comfortable cabins overlooking the lagoon and bird life. 

We spent an interesting morning on Friday at the Stawell Gift Hall of Fame learning all about the history of the famous foot race, looking at their impressive collection of memorabilia and walking out on the oval. Travellers then spread out around Stawell and nearby towns, such as Ararat and Hall’s Gap, exploring, checking out places to eat and maybe tasting a few wines. Happy hour before dinner gave us time to meet the other travellers and swap stories about where we’d been for the day. I think a few jokes and tall stories were told too! 

On Saturday we boarded our coach for a full day’s tour of the Wimmera Wheat Silo Art Trail, from Rupanyup north through Warracknabeal and Hopetoun to Patchewollock and back. You can see the photos below of these art works in various tourism articles but they really need to be seen in person to appreciate the scale of the paintings! Each of them had explanatory boards telling about the artists and the subjects of the paintings. We were very impressed with them and there was much discussion as to which ones were favourites.

We were very privileged to have our member, John C, an ex-farmer from nearby St Arnaud area, on board the coach to give us a commentary on the farming land, crops, and effects of the drought which gave us a better understanding of the countryside that we travelled through.

On the Sunday many people visited local towns such as Hall’s Gap, Pomonal, Ararat and Horsham. In the evening the Caravan Park managers put on a BBQ tea for us. They supplied the meat and we supplied salads and sweets. It was a lovely evening to sit outside and the BBQ was followed by our campfire with drinks and nibbles instead of

‘Happy hour’ prior to the meal as on other nights.

Monday gave us another opportunity to explore the area and we all met up later for dinner at the Stawell Gift Hotel – opposite the Hall of Fame. Many headed off home the next day but others were able to stay on for a few more days in Stawell or go on from there to extend their travels.

Our thanks go to Gary Mac k, supported by his wife Diane, for organising this great trip for us; also to John C for his commentary on the Silos Tour.

Here are some of the photos.


Patchewollock Silo Art Grampians Victoria Australia.

Fintan Magee is a Brisbane based street artist who painted the Patchewollock Silos in October 2016. Local farmer ‘Noodle Hulland’ was chosen for the inspiration of the artwork because he was slim enough to fit the two narrow silos and had “that classic farmer look”, embodying the locals’ spirit.


Lascelles Silo Art Grampians Victoria Australia.

Renowned Melbourne Street Artist Rone has depicted the faces of Lascelles couple Geoff and Merrilyn Horman. Geoff and Merrilyn’s families have lived and farmed in the area for four generations.Born in the district, the couple married in Lascelles in 1967 and together with their two sons (and their own families) have continued the family traditions of wheat farming and strong community involvement.

Roseberry Silo Art Grampians Victoria Australia.


Adnate is an internationally renowned street artist famous for his work with aboriginal communities accross Australia and completed this mural in December 2016. The four indiginous faces faces now watch over the tiny community of Sheep Hills and the starry background of the towering portraits has symbolic significant to the local people.

The coach group gathered at the base of the silo at Patchewollock which was the last of the silos for the day. Patchewollock had a population boost that weekend as the football ground was full of campers for their annual Country Music Festival! 

Guido Van Helten captured the imagination of Australia in December 2015 when he undertook a gigantic painting on the Brim Silos. The Brim Silo Art generated inspiration for the Silo Art Trail and Guido’s mural will remain an iconic tribute to the farming communities of the Wimmera and Mallee region.

Russian Artist Julia Volchkova is actively involved in the graffiti and street art movement in the places she travels and is currently undertaking the huge metal grain storage bins in Rupanyup as part of the Silo Art Trail. Julia’s work focuses on portraits and the Rupanyup Silo Art mural is inspired by the Rupanyup Panthers Football & Netball Club.

Other photos of the Wimmera Caravan trip.


EUROA October / November 2017.

A huge group went to Euroa and had a good time.

The manager has provided us with our own private section in the park beside the Seven creeks river , on grassy sites amongst large river gums.

The park is in easy walking distance to the main street which features many historic buildings , a good bakery, many old shops  & cafes , hotels & a great park  with many good walking trails.


DAYLESFORD April 2017. 

Daylesford is about an hour north west of Melbourne and has many attractions like mineral springs, historic buildings, art galleries, cafes, walking trails ,parks & gardens etc.

The dates chosen for our trip to Daylesford is Sat. 25th March to 1st. April.

The chosen park is Daylesford Victoria Caravan Park at corner of Ballan Road and Burrell Street Daylesford.

Our hosts are owner operators Anthony and Jodie .

The park is set in a parkland environment and within walking distance to Lake Daylesford and bit further on to the main town centre.


Caravan & Cabin Group trip to Daylesford.


A total of 45 members ventured to Daylesford in the last week of March , some in their caravans & others stayed in cabins.

We had great weather for most of the week & we could sit around outside at happy hour to talk about the days activities  & hear some great jokes mainly from Dawn & Ron.

Also had the use of a  camp cabin with a roaring fire when the evenings turned a bit cold. On the Thursday night the group all went to  a local hotel for a terrific meal .

Daylesford has a great history from the gold mining days & has now become a mineral springs tourist area with good accommodation, botanic gardens, cafes & art galleries, walking trails, etc.

We also had a great tour of the Creswick woollen mills  & an afternoon visit to the old historic town of Clunes

Certainly worth a visit to the Daylesford area at anytime.




Photos thanks to Margaret and Frank B and John C.


Lake Sambell Caravan park 16th Oct. to 27th Oct 2016. 

This is a huge park set around Lake Sambell, it is neat and tidy and a credit to the proprietors Sue and Roger.

Its capacity is 16 Cabins 53 Powered sites, 3 onsite vans, 27 Annuals Vans owned by people that come and stay for holidays.

This trip we had 24 adults stay all up.

We must leave the park on Thursday as it is totally booked out because of the Melbourne Cup weekend and the Beechworth Celtic festival, also in this area several Caravan parks are still closed because of the floods.

Ron has organised many activities around the area for us to go to:

Happy hour each day was not to be missed many things were done and said at them were for the attendees only, if you want to know what happens at them you had better come on a Caravan trip. Each mid afternoon some body lights the fire in a cut down half of a 44 gallon drum and by the time happy hours start it is burning very well, at it is the centre attraction.

We must be under the Sydney Melbourne flight path and we are often seeing the vapour trails and the aeroplanes going back and forth.

The early arrivals went to the old court house and performed in a re enactment of the Ned Kelly trial.

Tuesday we walked the 1.5K into town this is a very pretty walk along the Lakes edge and the flood plain, lot of different trees and wildlife to be spotted We explored the shops we had coffee at the Beehive, a heritage listed old building, where we tasted honey and jams mustards etc and naturally we purchased some of them and had $10.00 very generous and delicious lunch at the Pub.

Beechworth Council are amazing. They have severe restrictions on Pokies and Franchises and a promoting buy local.

This has led to most shops being occupied and operating successful looking happy businesses that have good range of stock.

The town is very clean and tidy, no rubbish on the ground, and better still no graffiti.

Wednesday 25 we all car pooled and went out to Lake Stanley, a huge man made lake that is used mainly for the water supply for Beechworth and I imagine it is also a buffering dam to help with flood control. We had a bush barbecue for lunch, it was interesting to observe how they did it. I was not much help if I was going to do it I would have lit up a standard gas barbecue. I noticed many innovative ideas and the end result was delicious.

September, October 2016, See our movie Slide Show of the Caravan Trip to Beechworth Click here.



The caravan park is the BIG 4 Castlemaine gardens, which overlooks the botanic gardens. 

I have only received a very brief report about this trip, as Laurell and Ron had to go home unexpectedly

Those that went enjoyed the happy hours, but they did not do much as a group. 

They discovered the Renovators barn and the Tip shop and a Gallery exhibition.

A favourite just over the road from the Caravan Park was the Austrian Coffee shop even for breakfast called “Das Kaffeehaus”


30th of November 2015,  Yinnar South 

About 30 of us gathered at Bourke Street and car pooled. 

We drove in convoy to the property at Yinnar South. Gretchen and Hank welcomed us into their comfortable multi level house. 

We were then served a very delicious morning lunch. 

Hank gave us a talk about safety in the 5 acre steep garden, and said that we were welcome to go any where on the property including his artists studio situated under the house. 

Hank also said we could purchase his masterpieces if we liked. T

The amazing big garden is situated on the side of a very steep hill and goes all of the way down to the creek and tree ferns. 

The gardens had many rooms and most shrubs were flowering beautifully. 

This made us all envious to be able to able to obtain such good results. 

Most of us will remember Hank playing his guitar at happy hours whilst away with the Caravan group.

View a slide show of photos taken at the gardens.


6th October to the 14th October.

Caravan trip is to Mt.Gambier, just across the border into South Australia.

The venue was the Pine Country Caravan Park cnr. Bay and Kilsby Rd. Mt. Gambier.

Ron has a few Tourist Guide books, full of day tours around Mt Gambier that you can book. If you are interested please speak to Ron.

To download a Tourist guide books around Mt Gambier Click here.

See Joy and Les slide show of photos.

Nick's report on this trip.

The caravan trip to Mount Gambier was an extended affair with people arriving any time from October 5 onwards. People also left at different times making the group dynamics of any particular day unique. This account will be of my experiences, which I shared with Greg who was driver.

We left Warragul on Tuesday October 6 and arrived at Mount Gambier on October 7.

On arrival the first thing we did was to take a drive around Blue Lake (before settling into our cabin at the Pine Country Caravan Park). The lake is unique and much has been written about its changing colours and fascinating place in Australian geology.

We settled in to our first "happy hour" by a warm fire set up in the camp’s outside "kitchen area."

These happy hours are a great way to get to know our fellow Probians better, and I often think of the very special and unique gift of being a part of "people gathered in this time and place." Such times will never be exactly repeated; they are like a particular wine vintage with its own unrepeatable flavour, colour and depth.

The following day nearly the whole group went to Aberfoyle Gardens for a lovely garden tour that finished with scones, jam and cream served with tea or coffee.

The next day Greg and I visited the Lady Nelson Discovery Centre (a must-visit when in Mount Gambier), and then we checked out the Umpherson sinkhole. These sinkholes are unique and the gardens developed in them are quite spectacular. We visited another one in the centre of Mount Gambier.

Mount Gambier has lots of grand old pubs; historical stately buildings that beckoned Greg and me to visit and drink and dine... So we did as we were beckoned.

The Coonawarra winery region has more wineries and Cellar Doors than you could poke a stick at. We visited one and stocked up on supplies and decided we'd visited enough. Seeing acre after acre of rows of vines was what I'd expected; but seeing so many was truly amazing!

On the same drive we went to Penola, where the Information Centre and museum there provided us with information about Mary Mackillop and other (more worldly) Penola identities (for example, poets John Shaw Neilson and Adam Lindsay Gordon).

On the next day we visited Port MacDonnell’s maritime museum; an impressive museum evoking scenes of the early days of shipping in South Australia.

A visit to the Blue Lake pumping station followed the next day; this took us almost to the edge of the lake, after descending hundreds of metres into the bowels of the Lake’s crater edge (by lift).

That night a large group of Probians went to a Thai restaurant in Mount Gambier; again it was a great time of dining and fellowship.

The following day Greg and I visited the Tantanoola Caves. These caves are the only wheelchair friendly caves in Oz. The stalactites were incredibly fine, and very different to the other limestone caves I had seen in Victoria and NSW.

As the days progressed the Happy hour numbers dwindled, but the time was very enjoyable as always as everyone discussed what they had done for the day and what their plans were for the following days.

After stopping overnight in Ballarat Greg and I made it back to Warragul on October 15.

Echuca 2014.

18th of October to 26th,

 Slide show of Photos taken on this trip.


Veronicas report.

      Over forty members, friends and Probus Rangers travelled to Echuca for a very relaxing, enjoyable and social get - together.    The highlight of the day was the Happy Hour which generally stretched to two hours.   Around 5 pm there was a procession of people with chairs, nibbles and drinks all making for a shady spot on the grass.   The weather was quite warm and the pool provided a spot for a dip and a cool off.   Ron organised a cruise up the Murray River leaving from Barmah.   One group went Monday and saw the elusive kingfishers but Thursday's group were not so fortunate.   The Nathalia Bakery was a great choice for lunch before inspecting the Museum which had a very good display of agriculture, wood cutting and district pioneers.  Going for a counter meal or to one of the Clubs proved popular as cooking wasn't high on anyone's agenda.   A visit to Torrumbarry Weir was interesting, as was their display centre and then a picnic lunch in the well kept grounds.  A few who drove up later in the day saw the loch opened and the "Emmy Lou" sail through.   Everyone had a good time whether they came for a few days or stayed the week.   There is always plenty to do around Echuca with bike and walking tracks and lots of shops and of course the River.   It was a time to spend with friends and the opportunity to know our fellow members a little better.   Thanks to Ron and Laurell.   

Neil's report.

    Our end of year caravan trip at Echuca Holiday Park Echuca from Friday the 17 of October to Sunday 26 of October. This trip coincided with the Heritage Family Steam Festival on the 18th and 19th. .The few days at Echuca was just great & the last night Wanda & I asked who would like to join us at the Rich River Golf Club for dinner & yes we had 38 come along for quite a feast.

Lakes Entrance February 2014.  

    Our trip to Lakes Entrance was enjoyed be 29 members over 11 days, some in cabins, some in caravans.
There were 6 from Warragul Rangers Probus and 2 from Moe Probus. We had some who cancelled due to fires and road closures Most people did their own "thing " during the day but all joined in our regular happy hours ??.
We had a boat cruise to Metung where we enjoyed lunch at the Metung hotel, then a walk around the village before the boat picked us up for the return journey via Paynesville and Raymond Island, We got back just in time for happy hour. There was also 2 nights at the RSL. for a  Chinese Dinner, and a counter lunch at Lake Tyers 'Waterwheel Tavern'. Lakes Entrance temperatures were about 10 degrees cooler than Warragul on the hottest days but we still enjoyed a cool down in the pool.

Slide show of Caravan Group Lakes Entrance Feb 2014. Lakes Entrance from Saturday 1st. February to Wednesday 12th. February 2014. At the Eastern Beach Holiday Park.From the Photos that are in the slide show it looks like they had a good time.

Late April early May 2013. 

Beechworth trip, Ron organised a trip to the Silver Creek Caravan Park Beechworth, about 35 people attended some went home earlier than others.  

Kim and Brett the proprietors looked after us very well. There were 2 couples in cabins, the rest had caravans. 

It was a very friendly happy lot. Happy hour started at 5 PM every evening, we had such a good time each evening that we usually did not need an evening meal. 

Early on the trip many lucky people set off to drive up to Veronica and Kevin's daughters home at Baranduda for one of their amazing barbecues. 

One evening we all went into Beechworth for a wonderful Chinese meal. 

Another evening we all met in the Camp Kitchen for a Pizza night made in the Camp Kitchen by some of our wonderful team. The pizzas were made from locally grown ingredients. 

One day we all set off with a convoy of vehicles down to the Whorouly area to visit 3 amazing places. The first was to go to a mixed farm owned and run by an amazing couple of Italians Mary and Sam. They showed us around the farm and then took us all into their entertainment area for an amazing afternoon tea. Next we all drive off to a small airport with an uphill runway and a huge hanger filled with vintage aircraft. Next off we went to a Kiwi fruit factory, and Rebecca did a wonderful job of showing us around it.

To see the Photos from the trip click here.  

Click here to see a short Slideshow of Photos taken during the Beechworth caravan trip.

Click here to see a short movie from the Kiwi Fruit Factory.  

Beechworth May 2013.

Beechworth Caravan Trip May 2013 2nd File

Early March 2013 Warrnambool trip, 

I have put some photos from this trip on our photos page click on the word photo to quickly go there.

A story about this trip by Veronica.

Unfortunately all cabins were booked at Surfside Caravan Park, Warrnambool, so only four caravans made the journey there. "Windy Warrnambool" lived up to its reputation on arrival but improved as the week progressed. We enjoyed Sunday lunch together at the Warrnambool Memorial Bowls Club. On Monday we drove to Port Fairy for a look at that historic town. On the way home, we called into Tower Hill which is an extinct volcano and has quite diverse plant and fauna, as well as many walking tracks. Warrnambool also has many excellent bike and walking tracks, while Lake Petrobe Reserve across from the Park is a haven for bird life. The highlight was dinner at 'Alex' Pizza' in the little hamlet of Koroit. The owner, Frank is a born show man who has transformed a tin shed with Australian memorabilia. The food was excellent and caters for all tastes. We would highly recommend a visit. To conclude our stay, we all shared bacon, sausages and eggs thanks to Ron and Laurell.

Go to our photos page see the photos from above click on this.

20th October, I have put some photos from this trip on our photos page click on the word photo to quickly go there.

Our Caravan trip was at Hamilton Western Victoria about a 5 hour drive. The selected Caravan Park is a top tourist park on the banks of the Grange Burn river and is opposite Lake Hamilton. There is bike and walking tracks around the lake along the river and into Hamilton. You can obtain more information on Hamilton click here. Powered sites were $27.00 per night. They also had several ensuite sites. Cabins ranged from $99.00 per night with bedding, linen and towels were supplied to all beds. There website is or you can e-mail them  

Hamilton notes 2012.

As experienced by one "camper"…

Saturday 20th October 2012

Greg my friend in Probus and I arrived at the Lake Hamilton Caravan Park at 2:40pm after a 4½ hour drive (coming via Geelong). After settling in to our cabin we went to enjoy the others' company (about 20 of us) in our to-be-usual 5 o'clock happy hour.

In all there ended up being eight of our own probus couples, with two couples from Warragul Rangers probus club and Greg and me.

Some had arrived one or two days earlier and were able to tell us about what they had already done.

The atmosphere was welcoming as usual, and we got ideas on what we could do in the coming week. A number related how interesting the local tractor/car museum was.

Then we had dinner with Kevin and Veronica who had generously invited us.


On Sunday Greg and I went to the highly recommended farm machinery museum just a couple of kilometers down the road.

There were many old tractors, pumps, cars, motors and a drag saw. The drag saw was the saw used to cut logs before chain saws were invented. Also, there was an old church, an old house and rooms full of memorabilia. It was one of the best such museums in Australia according to a number of opinions. One bloke was happy to start up his antique pump for us, while Greg talked to him about the old days of farming.

After reading a book (back in the cabin) in the afternoon I again went to the happy hour.

For dinner we cooked some salmon but the smoke alarm (directly above the stove!) kept going off. So I stood waving a newspaper at the thing while Greg cooked.


I started cooking some breakfast but set off the smoke detector! Greg had been planning to sleep in but it was impossible with the racket I'd started.

At about 10:30 am a group of about five cars headed off in convoy to visit Nigretta falls, and then Wannon falls.

These falls were quite impressive to behold, and some of the group walked down to the base of the Nigretta falls.

After that we headed to Coleraine where the group had lunch in a local cafe. Greg and I had a counter lunch at the Coleraine Hotel. We then headed back to Hamilton but many went to look at the Coleraine car museum, which I was told was very impressive.

All again enjoyed happy hour.


We joined several others of the group for lunch at the Alexander Club in Hamilton (a bit like the Downtowner) and then Greg and I drove around Lake Hamilton (situated in Hamilton). It is a singularly unimpressive "lake" (body of water) surrounded on all sides by grass.

Then we went back to the cabin and I read a book while Greg read the newspaper and did the crossword.

Again we headed for happy hour at 5 pm.


A group of four cars left at 9:30 am to make their way to visit two gardens, travelling through Dunkeld.

The first stop was at Narrapumelap ("Many waterholes") where our host, Kevin McIntyre, the owner, took us on a tour of the magnificent gardens and French Gothic style homestead, lovingly restored over 20 years to something of its original 1873 grandeur. He told us about his house restoration ideas, and his gardens, which he had re-created in a unique style which was not necessarily true to the original.

Then the group headed for Crombie, another lovingly created garden with a totally different ambience to the previous garden. This garden was relaxing and featured quirky little items to punctuate the paths, trees and seats. There was a "tea tree," featuring tea cups hanging off branches.

Here we enjoyed our lunch over a cuppa, and after a relaxing wander we headed for our home base.

In the evening the whole group got together to enjoy a meal at a local hotel. This was to be the last night all twenty-two "campers" would be together, as some were leaving the next day.


Greg and I left the caravan park at 9:30 am, and after having lunch at Ballarat we arrived back in Warragul around 4 pm.

Some of the group were staying till Sunday, and planned to travel to other places as diverse as Albury, South Australia and Ararat, to meet up with family and attend special events. ~Nick.


Macedon Autumn trip 2012. 

The autumn trip was a week at Macedon Caravan Park with thirty seven members and friends attending. From this point day trips were made to Mt Macedon, Hanging Rock, Woodend, Kyneton, Daylesford, Gisborne, Lancefield, Romsey and Malmsbury. All these towns have many historical buildings, usually a good bakery and most pubs serve a tasty and inexpensive lunch. A highlight was the "Stokes Collection" and gardens at Mount Macedon, also a visit to "Bringalbit" homestead and gardens at Kyneton


2011 February 24th–March 3rd (Thursday to Thursday) A CARAVAN trip to Lakes Entrance was arranged  staying at Eastern Beach Caravan Park.  11 Couples including friends  attended. 2 couples stayed in cabins. 

November 4th to November 18 of our members went to Swan Hill and stayed at Swan Hill Riverside Caravan Park. Only 1 stayed in a Cabin. They had many long happy hours and survived the Mosquitos and Locusts and Bindi's.


Blue text below are links to photos, simply click on them to view each photo.

Colourful Autumn Leaves and seed pods.

Pretty Autumn Leaves.

I think this plant belongs to the Balsam Family?

Nerine Flowers.

The Sun Shining through the Trees.

The Sun Shining through the Trees.

Very Picturesque Wagon.

Picture was taken of our Group at the Yarrawonga Caravan Park.

Picture was taken of our Group at the Yarrawonga Caravan Park.

Slide show of Yarrawonga Caravan Trip 2010.



ON TUESDAY 11th May Greg and I left Warragul bound for Yarrawonga. The trip up was an adventure all on its own but we finally arrived in Yarrawonga on Wednesday (12th May), having been delayed by a friendly policeman in Benalla. The day after arriving we went for a leisurely trip to Cobram and Beruga with Kevin and Veronica. At one roadside stop farmers were selling big pumpkins for $1! There were hundreds left to rot in the paddock as one of the producer’s supermarket contracts had been cancelled. 

That night the entire group went to enjoy a Chinese meal at the Mulwala RSL. Before the meal some of the group enjoyed some dancing to live music in the classy Las Vegas style setting. 

The next day we all went on a bus trip to Rutherglen and Corowa (the “home” of federation; Henry Parkes stayed in the local hotel). On the way there we stopped at Buller Wines and on the way back we stopped at All-Saints winery for a wine and cheese tasting.  For lunch in Rutherglen we stopped at the much talked about Parkers pies bakery and that night we enjoyed a BBQ dinner and a sing-along, with Henk, a friend of Ron and Laurel’s, playing the guitar and leading the singing.

On the next day (Saturday) Greg and I went to Finley via Berrigan (with Neil and Jean) to visit some of their relatives. It was a great day with lots of scenery to take in. We came back via Tocumwal, Beruga and Mulwala.

The next day, Sunday, we all went on a boat cruise around Lake Mulwala (a “swollen” part of the Murray river created seventy years ago as part of the irrigation scheme). 

 While on the cruise we were able to have a sticky-beak into the backyards of the rich and filthy rich. In NSW land can be purchased right up to the water’s edge and 100 ft into the water (unlike Victoria). This means people have private boat ramps and swimming pools.

 And all for only $1.4 million! Many of these houses, being holiday homes, are empty for a lot of the year. The cruise itself took us among the eerie dead trees in Lake Mulwala; a fascinating sight. The bird life was prolific, with sea gulls as happy as if they were on the beach. Most of them had never seen the beach, we were told.

After our cruise we had another BBQ dinner, preceded by the usual “happy hour”. Happy hours are a feature of our caravanning trips, much enjoyed by all.

On Monday Greg and I went with Neil and Jean to see Byramine Homestead; this was the house built by the explorer Hume’s widow in 1842. While there we enjoyed a lovely Devonshire tea for lunch on this historic house’s veranda. 

The next day we packed and headed back to Warragul. The entire week had been sunny although cold through the nights.

Many thanks to Kevin and Veronica for all the work they put in to make the week such a success. Nicholas Peck

Some of our members went to Yarrawonga from May 11th. to May 18th.  This was a beautiful park with generous grassy sites. The two bedroom cabins were bright with linen provided in the main bedroom.   Four bunk beds are in the second bedroom.  Linen for the second bedroom can be hired for a fee.  The cabins had a large bathroom and shower and toilet.  There was plenty to see and do in the area.  The river was at the bottom of the park and the town was in walking distance.  The courtesy bus took them to the Clubs in New South Wales. 


22 April 2009, about thirty Probians left Warragul and headed west to Riverview Caravan Park in Gee!ong, arriving there after lunch. On arrival the travellers met up with each other and chatted over a friendly warming "happy hour". This was to be a daily evening ritual adding warmth and enjoyment to the week's fellowship. Some arrived later and were to stay for different times, but all the holiday junkies looked forward to enjoying the coming few days with the pleasant company of their fellow Probians. In all forty two members gathered.There was no set program; every traveller decided on his or her own itinerary. On the following day this writer (Nicholas) went to Port Arlington with fellow Probian Greg, hoping to check out some wineries, but they were all closed! Still, we fitted in lunch at the Grand Hotel; a truly grand old style pub with very high ceilings. On the way back we did manage to visit one winery just out of Port Arlington. 

24 April 2009, all the group went to the Royal Corio Yacht Club for lunch Although it rained the lunch was very pleasant and in very pleasant surroundings, making for a great afternoon of fellowship and friendship. That night following our usual happy hour Greg and I watched Midsummer Murders. The next day was Anzac day. A' large contingent went for a brisk walk along the river opposite where we were staying. I went as far as a footbridge about one kilometre down the road, which I thought was pretty good. That afternoon decided to attempt the Age 'quick" crossword which took me about an hour with the help of my i-phone. That evening Greg and I had dinner with Kevin and Veronica, who had taken us under their wings. Sunday 26th started off raining and windy, and it didn't get any better as the day progressed. Greg and I went to Port Arlington with Lynne and Margaret forlunch at the "01' Duke", a classy restaurant. Several others met up with us there also. The lunch was good but pricey. Before heading for Port Arlington the group visited a winery and stocked up for the winter. That night I went to the local RSL club with Kevin and Veronica for dinner and to hear some trad jazz. The evening had been organised by Margaret and Keith Wilson and a number of our group went to hear it.
That same day others travelled out to Queensciiff to take the train to Drysdale but were swamped by seawater over the road due to the stormy weather and a very high tide! Monday 27th was another day to explore the Geelong surrounds, and by now the weather was improving a little. Greg and I were again guests of Kevin and Veronica and we travelled to Lorne via Anglesea. We had "fish 'n chips" for lunch in Lorne. Then we headed back 'home" via Torquay. It was amazing to see the housing developments taking place there. Then we travelled through
Barwon Heads and on through Ocean Grove back to our caravan park "home". A BBQ dinner following the regular happy hour finished the day The next day was another leisurely day of doing crosswords and enjoying fellowship with the group during the happy hour and over dinner. All good things must come to an end and on the 29th it was time to say our good-byes and head for home &Nicholas
After saying our "goodbyes" at Geelong, four couples travelled onto the pretty South Australian town of Penola. Helen and Peter Snape had arranged for us to view their Uncle'
historic home the next afternoon. It was a pleasant autumn day when we met up at 2pm. Helen's Uncle
Glen proudly showed us through his home "Yallum Park" built in 1880, When John Riddoch built the house no expense had been spared and it was so well built that the interior has never been touched. Glen's parents bought the property in 1914 and spent their time furnishing it with period pieces; Gien and his wife continued to do likewise. The house is a showpiece and Glen proved to be a great historian. Helen provided afternoon tea before we explored the orchard, garden and historic outbuildings before adjourning to the cosy kitchen for "happy hour". The following day was spent exploring the historic town of Penoia and the surrounding wine districts of Penola and Mount Gambier. Veronica.


I guess we weren't too enthusiastic about the caravan and cabin trip to Cowes.   The weather forecast was for a wet week and we had been to Cowes a number of times.   On arrival, we were given a grassy site with a view to the beach.   The weather was overcast but fine and each day from then on was fine, mostly sunny with the rain coming at night.   We gathered in the Camp Kitchen for Happy Hour and a trip to the Nobbies was suggested for next morning.   The Nobbies were windy but the hundreds of nesting sea gulls and baby chicks had us enthralled as we walked the boardwalk. A drive around Cowes showed that the town had progressed rapidly with a number of smart, new houses.   Dianne suggested a walk from the Koala Reserve to Rhyll and lunch at the hotel for Wednesday.   It was a pleasant walk through the bush and along the mangrove boardwalk but the 6 km. walk was more like 10 km. after a wrong turn. The Hotel, lunch and a drink was a welcome sight.   Dianne, Gary and Kevin hiked back but the rest of us gladly accepted a lift back to the Park. Thursday saw the bike riders head out  for a ride and a coffee along the way , as well as scones, jam and cream!.  Happy Hour was around at Joan and Alan's more expensive cabin with "the beach view". Joan wasn't impressed, especially when the motor homes parked in front.   President John, Margaret and Keith paid us a day visit on Friday.   Keith introduced us to the Island Hamburger purchased from the shop across the road - it was delicious.   By Sunday we were reduced to three caravans, so to finish off the week we dined at the RSL.

Thanks to Helen, Peter, Shirley, John, Joan, Alan, Joan, John, Dianne, Gary, Nicholas and Greg for a GREAT week of fun, laughter, stories and friendship.   Thanks for the organisation Helen. Veronica & Kevin.

Slide shows of Photos taken at previous Caravan Trips below.

Lakes Entrance February 2006.

Macedon Caravan Trip April 2006

Probus Lakes Entrance Caravan Trip October 2006.

Lakes Entrance Caravan Group March 2007